8 Weird & Funny Things about South East Asia 

Traveling through South East Asia has been so amazing.  I’ve met countless inspiring people, seen mindblowingly beautiful temples, beaches and waterfalls and have genuinely fallen in love with each country in a different way.  Every place I’ve been so far has had something magical about it, something challenging and something funny.  Some things I was not prepared for (see #1).  Thankfully, I packed my sense of humor and I’m learning to adapt quickly.

Oh South East Asia, you’ve cultured me so…

I had a good, loving, laugh at all of these moments. Enjoy.  And if you’re coming to Asia, be prepared.

1. The bum gun.
 Yep, that’s right.  The name says all you need to know.  Good luck.   Ps.  Toilet paper is not common here.  

2. Signs
like these.  When you walk around Thailand, especially on the islands, there are little handwritten signs on everything with broken English.  I find it absolutely charming- and hysterical.

3. Strange skincare. Coming out of years working in the cosmetic industry I thought I had seen it all…Nope! This is a new one.  A snail shot mask?  

4. “Toilets”
that make you practice your squat skills. Thought you were going to skip your leg work out today? Think again. 😂   

The worst part is that I PAID to use this.

5. Buckets
…with SO many straws.  Are these all for me?   Yep.  They are now.  

6. Weird food.  I went to a night market in Langkawi, Malaysia and saw every type of processed meat known to mankind (I think), right next to a little stand where a man was selling fake teeth.  Huh?!

7. Stray cats walk around like they own… Everything.  Most don’t have owners.  They are fed by the community and go where they want to.  

8.  McDonalds is a big deal.  Some people have VIP badges on their cars.  Some rely on the delivery service- yep they DELIVER McDonalds all over Thailand.   

Then there’s the brilliant marketing.

To the places I’ve been in SEA so far: Thank you for opening my eyes up, welcoming me and making me laugh every day.  I look forward to all that I have yet to see.

18 thoughts on “8 Weird & Funny Things about South East Asia 

  1. A funny summary! We had some similar experiences. I think all Westerners should be given a brochure as part of the entry process that explains the proper etiquette of all those variety of bathroom facilities and parts.

    Liked by 1 person

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