12 WTF Travel Moments

Sometimes a girl’s gotta go on a rant…especially when it comes to the hoop jumping that comes with traveling.  So many things that have absolutely zero logic behind them and make me shake my head and/or drop my jaw.  Life on the road is amazing, yes, but there are situations you get into that are beyond trying.  Some situations cause you to question if there is any common sense left in the world, while realizing if there is it’s not found at any airports or train stations.  Most situations though are just funny and make you realize how different each country is from the next.  Traveling continues to keep broadening my horizons.  

Here are a few moments that caused me to have a real “moment.”  Not all were bad moments.  Some are really positive, but each one did confuse the hell out of me and make me laugh.

1.  Trains in Europe.  There are some instances when you purchased a “seat” and don’t actually get a seat.  The ticket will say “unassigned,” which basically means you’re sitting on the ground if all the cabins are full.  And watch out because sometimes they leave the entry door open as they go.  Get too close and you’re a goner.

2.  Cliche twisted cab drivers.  So many cab drivers will rip you off.  They try to charge 10x the actual price then will backdown after hard bargain.  It’s worse in some countries more than others.  You always have to do your research on what prices should be before getting into a cab.  I always negotiate.  

His face after i negotiated him down to 100 baht.

3.  Room mates on room mates on room mates.

 It happens ALL THE TIME.  You’ve paid for a specific 6 bed dorm room at a hostel and end up with 8 to 10 to 12 room mates.  And no, it doesn’t matter if you complain.  This isn’t “The W” back home.  It’s a hostile…I mean HOSTEL.

4.  Bathrooms.  Many bathrooms in Asia are without toilet paper…and a place to wash your hands. Dirtyyyy.  (Wet wipes are your best friend.)

5.  No English?  Many countries watch American films in English and listen to English music then speak ZERO English.  Not saying everyone has to speak English.  But it’s just surprising when you go to ask someone at the cafe for directions and they don’t speak English even though they’re playing the latest Taylor Swift song.  I may sound like an ignorant American here…I just found it funny.  

6.  Trusting gas stations.  In the Netherlands they allow you to get gas before paying… That’s a true honor system!  That would never happen back home in the Bay Area, that’s for sure.

7.  Airlines that charge you $60 to print a piece of paper.  Watch out for Ryanair and other budget airlines!  You better have that boarding pass printed (no there isn’t a barcode you can upload on your phone).  Who says we need to save paper, right?

8.  Lines on lines on lines.  In some countries in Asia,  you have to wait in a line to buy a ticket for a taxi in advance then getting in two other lines.  I’m not the world’s most patient person, and had a long flight in, so this one got to me…good.  A bus could’ve taken me to my destination faster.  

9.  French fries being called chips.  They’re not chips!  Chips…as in Lays or Pringles…are chips.  Okay?  Okay.  Good.  (I’ve yet to win this argument.). 

10.  “Shuttle buses” in South East Asia.  If you are claustrophobic, do NOT…I repeat: DO NOT take a shuttle in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.  They pack their shuttle bus (which is actually a van) to the ceiling.  Don’t count on legroom- or breathing room for that matter.  Count on being squeezed between a stranger and their suitcases for four hours.  And no, they don’t stop for the bathroom.

Thai mini van.jpeg
Photo credit: Claudia Tavani @ My Adventures Across the World

11.  No-One-Directions.  Getting directions can be like pulling teeth…way too difficult.  For example, in Greece you can ask five people for directions and they will all tell you a different thing.  And some of them say “right” while they point left.  I’m not knocking the Greeks.  You all know how much I love them, but damn!  Can’t a girl just get a solid set of directions sometimes?  I’m already a lost soul with a map as it is!
While I’ve had many a “moment,” it’s all added to the overall experience.

12.  Wasted H2O.  Okay, so this one has been a “WTF moment” for a long time…but after over 25 flights in the last 8 months you can imagine how many water bottles I’ve had to put in that stupid bin at security!  What harm do they really think my spring water is going to do?!  I hope they at least put the water to use and water a plant or something…just sayin.    

Thankfully I was gifted with a great sense of humor.  🎧I get it from my Mama.🎤  Without it, I would have lost my mind by now.  Laughter cures anything and everything.  I’m still cracking up about the time I had to sit on the floor of a train by the open door, hoping I wouldn’t fly out.  Sorry guys… I didn’t have a free hand to snap a pic of that one!  

Never a dull moment on the road, that’s one thing I know for sure. 

Gotta go for now.  I’m about to go haggle a new cab driver to take me to a crowded bus station where I will wait in three lines.  


11 thoughts on “12 WTF Travel Moments

  1. awesome post! I haven’t traveled much, but its nice to live vicariously through other people lol. I’ve been to Cuba on vacation and they often don’t have toilet paper either … unless you want to tip someone of course


  2. Those taxi drivers! It`s always good to first ask how much for one kilometre and then count. You don`t even have to be a tourist to get charged too much.

    And Ryanair is a whole different story, they have those cheap flights, but everything else is expensive.

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