Destination: Indonesia

Indonesia is underrated for all the variety it has to offer.  As I’ve traveled more and more, I look back on my time in Indonesia wantingly- wishing I could go back.  The beaches, the Balinese people, arak, and so many other forms of greatness.  There really is nothing like the beaches on the Gili Islands (the water is crystal clear!) or the rice fields of Bali.  Indonesia was definitely one of my favorites.

I’m a bit late sharing all the details from my time here, but better late than never!

If you are considering a trip, it’s important to do your research beforehand and ensure you see as much as possible.  When I was there I had not done my research and ended up missing some of the best parts.  Guess I just have to go back…

I highly recommend you prioritize your trip when planning to visit this country.  Are you wanting beach time?  Or the best surf?  Excitement of a city?  Or maybe you’re looking for a deeply spiritual and cultured experience in a quiet place.  There are so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, like I did.

The highlights of Indonesia for me- a beach loving, culture seeking, music lover- are below.  Whether you’re like me or not, anyone could find a special place to fall in love with in Indonesia.

My #1 highlight was, of course, Ubud…

Ubud, Bali  


  • Where I Stayed: Uma Sari Village
    • Pros:  Affordable and beautiful rooms
      • Included breakfast
      • Great pool
      • Ideal location- walking distance to everything.
  • Attraction recommendations:
    • Monkey Forest
    • Owl House (right next to hotel) 
    • Local rice field tour (find a local to take you to the hidden spots)

Uluwatu, Bali 

Padang Padang Beach
  • Attraction Recommendations
    • Padang Padang Beach- great for paddle boarding and surfing

Gili Islands  

  • Pros:
    • Location
    • Full bar
    • Nice pool and rock wall
    • Fun environment
  • Cons:
    • Unfriendly staff
    • Very loud all day and night (so don’t plan on getting much rest here)
    • Low quality food (much better to walk around the corner to a restaurant by the beach or hit up the awesome night market).
  • Attraction Recommendations
      • The famous swings on the other side of the island (Gili T)  

    • Night Market (eat the biggest dinner of your life for less than $5)
    • Beaches…any of them are stunning. 
    • Reggae Bar for live music and drinks


Next visit to Indonesia, I will be visiting Bandung and hopefully staying at the Novotel.  They have a great pool and gym- little things I have come to find a total luxury as I travel.  I’ve just recently become familiar with this hotel chain while in Bangkok and definitely want to experience it in Indonesia where it’s even more affordable.

I will also be going to the other two Gili Islands (I missed the other two after getting way too caught up in the fun on Gili T!), then I would also do a repeat experience of Ubud- because I just can’t get enough of that place.

All in all, this country makes the list of places I will continue to go back to for the rest of my life.  I’m tempted to go now because I am back in SE Asia…so close!  Who’s meeting me there?

Helpful tools and Recommendations for Indonesia

Traveloka– most popular booking site in Indonesia– Best way to find highest rated hostels– cheap flights galore!








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