Can’t believe it’s already May!
We are almost half way into the year and it’s flying by faster than ever.
For me, so far this year has been full of new experiences, new people and lasting impressions. Since 2016 began I’ve been fortunate to come across countless inspiring people who have made life all the more intriguing and exciting.
Recently I connected with these three ladies and thought they would leave a lasting impression on you too.  Each of them is traveling, sharing stories and making me rethink my list of places to visit this year!
This month we have Global Girls from Ireland, Ukraine, Australia and Canada.  Three of them are pretty awesome bloggers and one has her own online jewelry shop.  All three of them inspire me to keep going down the path that only other strong, independent women have walked before me.
I wanted to share their surprising travel moments and the one thing they just can’t travel without.  (You all know me with my pillow…)
Check these beauties out and share their stories to keep spreading the #GlobalGirlTravelBug.
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veronica Global Girl May

I’m recently obsessed with Veronica’s blog Siniciliya!  It’s full of useful travel content, gorgeous photos and wanderlust-worthy stories.

What was the biggest surprise for you during your first international trip?

My first international trip was a bus tour to Hungary, I was 14 and we had a guide. There were no surprises at all. But when I started traveling to countries like India and Indonesia, I found out that surprises were everywhere. One of the first surprises to me was Indians shaking their heads from side to side in response to a simple question, like «does this train go to Agra». Yes, no – what was it? Later I understood that the answer is in their eyes, I could notice something like a happy «yes» or a worried «no» while they continued shaking their heads.

One item you never leave for a trip without? 

I would never leave for a trip without my camera Canon Mark II. Taking pictures is one of the main reasons I travel the world. If I go to a new place and I don’t take any photos, I feel like I have not been there. For example, when I was in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, all the photos I took were deleted accidentally, so in my mind, it is as if I never visited these places.

How many countries in total have you been to and what was your favorite?

I have visited over 50 countries in total and I like going almost anywhere. I really loved exploring the Dominican Republic, it definitely has joyful, dreamy vibes. I also love India, it is a country of unique contrasts. I always have a feeling that your karma reacts very fast to your thoughts and actions – they become a reality. You can never remain neutral about India, you either love it or you don’t, you either accept it or you don’t. And if you do accept it, then trust me, you will never be the same person again, India will change you.  



See Erin on Instagram and check out her jewelry shop!

What was the biggest surprise for you during your first international trip?

My first international trip was to San Miguel, which is part of the Azores islands of Portugal in summer 2012. This might sound strange but I was surprised by the things I was able to do for free, that would definitely NOT be free in Canada. For example there was a festival in the capital city where the streets shut down and everyone was served soup, wine and rice pudding, all for free! And we went to a tea plantation where we got a tour, watched a video and got to taste some tea and that was free too.

One item you never leave for a trip without?

Aside from the obvious (my iPhone) I guess I would say a scarf because it serves so many purposes and is always in fashion. Or Canadian treats to give out to people that I meet.

How many countries total have you been to and what was your favorite?

Not including Canada and US, I have been to 7. I would have to pick Malta as my favourite just because it was my first solo trip abroad and one of the best experiences of my life. When you are in a foreign place with nobody to rely on but yourself, you learn to trust your intuition, which in turn gives you a new found confidence.



Be sure to visit Roxana’s blog  High Style Life!

What was the biggest surprise for you during your first international trip?

My first international trip came after a couple years of traveling in Australia, since it’s such a huge and amazing place, and has loads to offer. To this day I haven’t been to all the places in Au I want to visit, there are still amazing adventures that await me. My first international trip was a big European trip, where I visited the UK, France, Spain and Italy. It was so much to take in, and the most surprising thing was how much I liked it, and to this day I consider Europe my second home. Also, the time perception of Europeans surprised to me; ie. if a house or a church was a 100 years old, it was considered relatively new.

One item you never leave for a trip without? 

Yeah, figured I should be honest and tell the truth. Here it is: I bring my favorite stuffed animal called Mister Pigglie. He is perfect for long flights and we have bonded during our travels :D. Also, being a typical Aussie, whenever the travel arrangements allow me and the destination is in any way water related, I bring my stand up paddle board and try to explore places to surf and sup.

How many countries total have you been to and what was your favorite?

In Europe, I have to say Ireland was my most favorite one. But, I’m sure you’ll agree, there is so much wonderful places on the planet and they all have their own charm so it’s tough to decide. Tahiti was my favorite tropical destination, with New Caledonia being the close second. If I had to pick one place in the world it would have to be Australia, because my home country still surprises me with amazing nature and wilderness.



janet newham.jpg

Check out Janet’s blog Journalist on the Run!  I have been a follower of this gal’s for quite some time.  She’s amazing.

What was the biggest surprise for you during your first international trip?

My first big international trip was to South Africa. i was just 18 years old, had just left school and was heading away to live and travel Africa for an entire year. The thing that surprised me most was how traveling solo came so naturally to me. I actually found living so far from home quite easy and knew that it was the beginning of a very long love affair with traveling the world.

One item you never leave for a trip without?

A scarf or sarong. I take a lot of long bus journeys because I like to travel on a shoestring budget and a scarf can be used as a blanket, pillow, eye mask, shawl…whatever. It’s a lifesaver!

How many countries total have you been to and what was your favorite?

I have now been to 53 countries. I actually don’t have a favourite as I feel every destination is special for different reasons. That said, Kenya is a country I return to again and again.

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