Cape Town FTW

Cape Town For the WIN

I flew to South Africa just over two weeks ago fully planning on seeing as much as possible of the country during my month long visit.  I planned to drive up the Garden Route with a tour company or a rental car.  I planned to even try to get over to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and work in a quick visit to Madagascar before I leave Africa on June 6th.  I came here with so much wanderlusting ambition and all of that has just flown out the window.  Wanderlust gone.  Out…but not in the way you think.

It’s not that I don’t want to keep exploring South Africa and its neighboring countries, I just can’t seem to leave Cape Town.  It’s completely sucked me in.  I’ve gotten comfortable and cozy.  It feels like home…and maybe it could be home some day.  For now, I am just enjoying standing still for a while after so many months on the road.

I love/hate it when this happens in my travels- when I fall in love with a place so much my desire to keep moving and exploring is dulled down by the overwhelming need to stay in this one special spot.  It’s an ugly and beautiful thing when I find “my happy place” and just can’t let it go to keep moving forward on my travel journey.  So I’ve extended and extended and extended again my time in Cape Town, and part of me feels guilty for blowing off so many other spots to stay in this one city but most of me just feels good.  All of me feels at home, here.

I have so much more left I want to do before I head home this Fall, but Cape Town has me wanting to stay here permanently.  I’m so glad I followed my gut and spontaneously booked my flight out here.  Best decision since I impulsively went to Ireland for two weeks in April.  

I am continuing to find that my last minute-I’m-following-my-inner-compass-decisions turn out to be the best ones I’ve ever made.

Cape Town is the best of all worlds, in my eyes.  Here’s why.

Ps.  I’m never leaving!!!

Outdoor activities ✔️ 

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Awesome people ✔️

New friends and Jazz music at The Crypt

Cute animals ✔️  a seal.jpgGorgeous scenery ✔️  

Great food  ✔️ 


Yummy wine ✔️ constantia wine.jpg

Live music ✔️

Stardust Dinner Theater


lights ✔️Oh, and pretty fantastic accommodation… (especially at The Backpack✔️  ——> Read my full review of my experience at The Backpack Hostel.  

the backpack bed
Photo courtesy of The Backpack Facebook Page


k">Where to stay in Cape Town.

Some of my favorite hangout spots so far:The Crypt Jazz Restaurant

All in all…I am learning to stand still again for a while here in Cape Town, and I couldn’t be happier.  The “travel guilt” has faded and now I am just soaking in every minute of my time here.  I’ve posted up and will stay here another week or two- making for the longest duration I’ve spent anywhere in the past 9 months of travel.

Sorry Garden Route and Victoria Falls, I’ll have to meet you another time.  Cape Town has a hold on me.

Sometimes the “wanderlust” may cool down, but for good reason.  I’ve found another “home away from home” here… and how comforting that feels after being away for what feels like a lifetime that’s passed in the blink of an eye.

BIG thanks to everyone that has (and still is) making my time in this beautiful place so enriching and memorable.  This month will go down as one of my favorites of all time.



13 thoughts on “Cape Town FTW

  1. Hey Heather,

    Really great post.
    If it’s any consolation – if there’s one city I would decide to stay in, in South Africa it would definitely be Cape Town. I’ve lived in Joburg and Durban, and Cape Town really and truly is a win !!!


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