6 Essential Apps for The Budget Conscious Traveler

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6 Essential Apps for The Budget Conscious Traveler

Traveling on a budget is never easy, which is why She Goes Global is such a great resource for travelers like me, who are always looking for extra ways to pinch and make the finances go just a little bit longer. Heather’s tips on saving with the euro and debunking the necessities are great places to start when funding travels and, more importantly, your dreams! Thanks a million for allowing me to contribute!

When you head for vacation, you might consider taking a hiatus from the social media monster that is our modern society, but the truth is, there are a lot of pros for keeping the old ball and chain fired up for your adventures, and it all comes down to saving a bundle that can be transformed into a better accommodation experience, more excursions and just a better overall adventure.  

1. iTranslate

A lot of people make the mistake of sticking with apps that only save them money on the front end, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that your language barriers can be just as good at limiting your options as a budget can, especially when you’re stuck in the tourist areas where they speak your language and the prices are high for meals, trinkets or any other thing you can buy with money.

iTranslate is a great app that uses voice recorders to help you translate your wants and needs into something better than a mime game, and it will save you in the process because it helps you adventure outside of tourist areas, where the prices are always much better.

Available for iPhone. Free. iTranslateapp.com

2.  Hipmunk

Cheap hotels, cheap flights, cheap everything…why not? I like Hipmunk because the app is easy to use and compares prices just like Kayak, but it’s price graph is better at looking at exactly how your trip is going to pan out on a timeline (including layovers and stops!). Plus it’s got great last minute deals for the spontaneous traveler, and the deals for big cities all over the world, from Austin to Dublin, are better than any I’ve found around. For the reluctant long-term traveler, the weekend deals on Hipmunk will give you serious wanderlust.

Available for iPhone, Android. Free. Hipmunk.com

3. Skype

Whether or not you opt to get a local SIM card while you travel or extend your home plan to include international travel, I live by Skype and definitely suggest the app. Not only can you make free calls to other Skype users, but you can get some face time with all of your friends without needing them to spend any extra, and without you footing the bill either. To me that’s a win-win situation with no downside.

Available for iPhone, Android. Free. Skype.com

4. Hostel Hero

Hostel World’s app may be most people’s favorite, but I’ve come to love Hostel Hero because it’s eliminated the booking fee and added reviews to it’s site. True, it’s a newer app, but it packs a punch by licensing the Hostel World database—meaning it’s got all the great things about the site plus a few extra caveats. Plus, it helps cut down on your check-in time by adding your booking info automatically, and when you save time, you save money!

Available for iPhone. Free. Hostel Hero

5. Wifi Mapper

Having a handle on where the wifi is can be a lifesaver, and you can either walk around endlessly around looking for signs in coffee shop windows or you can pop open this app for some off-line advice on where to head for your internet fix.

Some people may tell you to head over to the WiFi Finder app, but I’ll tell you why that would be a mistake. Not only is WiFi Mapper taking a historical record of the legitimacy of the WiFi signal, it’s also giving you a rundown of what’s offered as far as menu items at all potential hotspots. The only thing I advise to add to this app, or any WiFi finder app, is a little security with a Virtual Private Network; it keeps your passwords and any information on your phone safe from prying eyes on a public network.

Available for iPhone, Android. Free. WifiMapper.com.

6. Mint Budgeting App

When it comes down to it, tracking your spending is the easiest way to stay on top of things, and Mint Budgeting App is one of those great resources that will do all the hard work for you. Whether you’re starting out on a huge, year long adventure or you’re tackling one week in Italy’s lake country, you can be sure that another bottle of wine won’t bankrupt you.

Powered by Intuit and perfect even for everyday finances, this superstar app really goes the extra mile for me by sending alerts for unusual charges (perfect for protecting against travel fraud), customization for spending (meaning I get to make changes whenever I want) and keeping track of my credit score.

Available for iPhone, Android. Free. Mint.com

The last thing you want to worry about once you’ve set out (or even before you’ve left) is money. It totally takes you out of the adventure mindset. Which is why, with a little help from these apps, you can rest easy (or party hard) knowing that you’ve funded the best trip imaginable with the best tools available. Good luck!

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About the Author: Jess Signet is a blogger and writer that is proud to combine her two greatest loves: travel and technology. She is also interested in new technologies and the latest smartphone releases. She can’t wait for her next trip out of the United States!   Follow Jess at Tripelio.com!

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    Great tips! I’m always on the hunt for a good deal and any tips & tricks are always appreciated!

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