Summer 2016 GLOBAL GIRLS

It’s summer time and everywhere we look, ladies are going global.  We are catching flights to far-away islands, road tripping along coastlines and crossing off bucket list destinations.

Where are you this summer?  Hopefully somewhere warm and beautiful!

See why we chose these five SUMMER 2016 GLOBAL GIRLS and how they are following their own travel dreams.


What was the biggest driving force to get you to travel? 

My biggest driving force that got me to start traveling was probably the fear of living out life in the bubble that had become my comfort zone. I knew there was an unbelievable amount of culture and beauty out there and couldn’t bear the thought of settling straight into a career and feeling like I was missing out on something so much bigger. 

Where are your top 3 places you have or want to visit and why?

It’s hard to pick favorite places when such a different experience has come with every adventure. I would probably say:

  1. Santorini, Greece: Just as stunning and picturesque as I was lead to believe! This was my first solo-trip and I would go back 100 times over if I could.
  2. Koh Tao, Thailand: I lived here for a while when I was getting my Scuba Dive Master certification. Being in Koh Tao almost feels like you’re living in another dimension. A beautiful, relaxing life on the ocean, where nothing happens on time.
  3. Barcelona, Spain: The perfect mix of art, history and amazing weather. Barelona is lively, fun and a beautiful combination of city and beach living.

I’m also REALLY looking forward to a trip to India in the near future!

How did taking the leap into solo travel change you?

Deciding to take the leap into solo travel has completely changed my outlook on life and opened my mind so much. I didn’t start traveling to ‘find myself,’ but when you’re suddenly emersed in new cultures and unfamiliar places, it’s hard not to truly get to know who you are. I have learned to look more into my heart instead of at social expectations. I’ve found a sense of independence, freedom and a deep appreciation for the little things. I’ve never been happier!

***Alyssa is “constantly on the search for good food and great adventure” on her blog called Lyssa Marie.  Be sure to check her out!


What was the biggest driving force to get you to travel? 

I am a military brat, so I grew up traveling around with my family. You could say it’s something that’s always been a part of my identity. After I studied abroad for a semester in college, things really kicked up a notch when I fell in love and thus had a new reason to travel– to visit my best friend and special someone in New Zealand. Graduation brought new freedom and I finally had the time to travel to places I hadn’t been able to yet.

Where are your top 3 places you have or want to visit and why?

New Zealand is a long time favorite of mine. I’ve been back every year the last four years, because the people are friendly, the landscapes are incredible, and the amount of things to see and do is never ending. Laos was my first real experience volunteering in a foreign country. Again, the scenery is other-worldly and the people are the most hospitable. Laos revealed to me my inner strength; that I was able to travel solo and do important work for people who needed it. Third place is Scotland. The mountains in Scotland are fairytale perfection and it is still so old and untouched in so many ways.

How did taking the leap into solo travel change you?

I learned the depths of my heart through traveling. Traveling by myself showed me how independent I am. I can manage language barriers, culture obstacles, and social norms that do not match mine with grace and strength.

INMA GREGORIOa world to travel.jpg

What was the biggest driving force to get you to travel?

It came naturally as I was already doing it since I was really little.

Where are your top 3 places you have or want to visit and why?

New Zealand. Spain’s antipodes country, I can only dream how great would it be to make it down there and explore the two main islands at my own – slow – pace. The fact that they feature the ‘Alps of the South’ helps too since I am a snowboarding addict.

Southern tip of South America. Vast landscapes and, once again, snow capped mountains.  Bring it on!

The Philippines. After 4 times in SE Asia, I guess it is about time that I get to explore The Philippines too. Diving, diving, diving!

How did taking the leap into solo travel change you?

It made me fall for traveling once again. After a few trip cancellations when my partner and friends would bail at the very last minute, I took the firm decision to never cancel a trip again for this same reason and started traveling on my own every time that I feel like doing it. It made me kind of fearless and brought minimalism as the ultimate travel benefit into my life too.

***Inma runs A World to Travel, a site focused in unique experiences around the world, photography, music festivals and the great outdoors. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

What was the biggest driving force to get you to travel? 

The reason I have recently started traveling because I have finally finished all my surgeries and am able to get out of the hospital bed! I was in a house fire as a child.. because of that I spent the majority of my life in hospital beds, recovering from operations, and physical therapy. I always dreamed of seeing far out places and finally escaping the stationary lifestyle that I had to live by for so long.

Where are your top 3 places you have or want to visit and why? 
I have always wanted to go to England, Spain, and Italy all for their historic sites and cultures but Spain and Italy for their food and drinks. I currently live in England with my Boyfriend and best friend of 8 years. I have spent an amazing week in Madrid and a beautiful day in Toledo but I still have yet to get to Italy. I also would LOVE to spend a week in Nice, France.
How did taking the leap into solo travel change you?
Traveling alone, I have been able to meet lots of unique people and hear lots of different life stories that I never got to see growing up. Taking this leap has open my eyes to different lifestyles, different dangers and different experience that you don’t always have when traveling with others. I still enjoy traveling with others more, as it is making memories with others. But the memories you make for yourself help you grow spiritually. 


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2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 GLOBAL GIRLS

  1. I love traveling solo. I hear from other women that they would never do it, but I firmly believe everybody should try it at least once. It really frees you to do things that will surprise you. Great reading your stories.

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  2. I love what Inma said about travelling solo bringing fearlessness and minimalism. I am a solo female traveller too, and I figure if I always wait for someone to do something with I’ll never get to do anything! Don’t let life happen to you, make it happen!

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