Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner 

After a rough first few days back in Europe, I can’t begin to explain the solace that came when I walked into this Vienna hostel.  I was greeted with a welcome card, a bottle of wine and endless smiles.  They literally turned my entire trip around!

I’m always rattling off about how important the staff is to the customer experience at any hotel or hostel.  There’s nothing worse than a hostel that has all the ameneties but makes you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.  I’ve found that it can be a rarity to locate a hostel with both nice facilities AND a nice staff.

Well, I found a not-so-hidden gem in Vienna’s Hostel Ruthensteiner and am anxious to share with you all!

Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner (Vienna, Austria)

(Based on 5 stars rating system)

1. Hostel Staff  * * * * *

From the second I walked in, I felt welcomed and instantly in a better mood.  Courtney, one of the hostel managers came down to meet me personally.  She was so sweet and made sure I got my bearings okay.  The hostel staff ensured had all the information I would need to have the best possible stay and should I need directions I only needed to pull off one of these pre-made short cut cards.  

2. Social Responsibility * * * * *

I love the fact that the hostel reserves an entire dorm room specifically for volunteers that they hand pick to come work.  During my visit there were two people from Spain and two from Mexico.  I lucked out and showed up on Sangria and Tapas night courtesy of the volunteers.  It was SO good!

3. Atmosphere * * * * *

The vibe of a hostel and the crowd staying there is an important part of the experience.  I think it all starts with the staff and, as I mentioned, Hostel Ruthensteiner has some of the most friendly staff I’ve met.  The hostel itself feels like a nice place to hangout all day and can distract you from the city outside the walls.  Bonus: there’s a beautiful garden out back.  

4. Facilities (Bedding, baths, wifi) * * * * *

Unlike some hostels I’ve experienced, this one never ran out of hot water and the bathrooms were all kept very clean.  This makes such a difference after trucking around a backpack through airports, train stations, etc. and feeling extra grimey.  For a traveler there’s nothing like a nice warm shower in a clean bathroom.  

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Another bonus in the rooms are the outlets inside every locker.  I got way overly excited about this.  Every hostel needs to have these!

5.  Breakfast  * * * 

A basic breakfast (cereal, meat/cheese slices, bread, coffee) runs guests a few euro each, which is VERY affordable for anywhere in Europe, however it’s not free like some of the hostels I’ve visited.  (I suppose I was totally spoiled after staying at The Backpack, free and with all those fresh pastries, eggs and oats…yum!)

6.  Activities * * * * *

Vienna has endless sights to see and activities to experience and the hostel did a great job of keeping information out and accessible to everyone.  There was big map in the front room and a big black chalk board with all the current events, which I referenced daily.

7.  Guests  * * * * *

I met some lifelong friends while staying in this hostel!  We actually continued on traveling together through Bratislava and Budapest.  I completely credit the positive and welcoming nature of the hostel for creating a space where us solo travelers could meet and bond.

8.  Ownership * * * * *

Stefan and Courtney were my two points of contact when making my reservation and throughout my stay.  They were warm, inviting and generous.  I only wish I could have spent more time with you Cortney!

Overall rating:  4.7

My overall experience at this hostel was AMAZING.  Next time I’m in Vienna (and there definitely will be a next time soon!) I will be staying here.  I’d recommend this hostel to any traveler passing through Vienna, especially solo travelers.  Hostel Ruthensteiner was built with solo travelers in mind, and you could feel that when you stay there.  It’s a perfect place to go and make new friends while experiencing a truly gorgeous city.


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