24 Hours in Bratislava 

BratislavaThe standard “backpacker route” may or may not include a stop over in Bratislava, but I’m so glad I decided to squeeze it in.

When I first arrived at the train station I could feel the stark contrast from the busy city of Vienna I had spent the previous week in.  Bratislava was almost wearily quiet (apparently a nearby festival had lured most locals away for the weekend), but it was refreshing.

Luckily, the friends I made in Vienna were also stopping over in Bratislava so I had exploring buddies, otherwise I would have been a bit bored, to be honest.  There wasn’t much going on in the city that day so I was lucky to have two of my funniest friends with me.  We would be super tourists for the day together.

Before leaving the hostel, we grabbed a map, checked the obligatory list of “Top Things to See” on TripAdvisor then started walking.

The best thing about my 24 hours in Bratislava was the fact that I went in with ZERO expectations.  I decided to just put myself 100% in “discovery mode” and challenged my two travel buddies to a game of “find all the hidden gems.”

We took a potentially uneventful day and ended up having a ton of fun.

Bratislava has a lot to offer around every hidden corner and if you’re anywhere between Budapest and Vienna, it’s worth taking time to see.

Some highlights…

Buildings and painted doors like this give Bratislava character and charm.

The Danubiana Modern Art Museum was SO cool!  

A true European city staple…The Grand PalaceIMG_9303

Then we found this randomly placed secret book case in a nook around the corner from the palace.  A true international book exchange/ donation spot.  How cool is that?!IMG_9355

Everything we wanted to see, except for one museum, was within walking distance of our hostel, Patio- Bratislava.

Patio Hostel- Bratislava

The hostel we stayed at was medium sized- big enough to find a quiet corner to read, but small enough that you’re likely to make friends quickly.  The staff was welcoming and provided maps and other useful info for us.  While it’s an older hostel, it had all the basics and was perfect for a short stay like ours and I would recommend it to other backpackers.



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