Weekends away on the Western Cape (and how to satisfy a grounded traveler) 

/, From ___ with love/Weekends away on the Western Cape (and how to satisfy a grounded traveler) 

Weekends away on the Western Cape (and how to satisfy a grounded traveler) 

weekends-on-theI have to admit…after traveling around the world the past year and a half, constantly being on the go and experiencing newness, I have found myself addicted to the thrill of moving around.  It’s a high unlike any other that brings on a special type of bliss.  Travel is- among a million other things- addicting.
After staying so long in one country I find myself pining to see/do/experience more.
Often, I’ve missed the international flights, the various foreign languages (English is one of the official languages in South Africa), and newness around me.  It sounds silly because I am still, in fact, in a country that’s not my own.  The difficult part is the standing still after moving so fast for so long.  The abnormal speed at which I was experiencing new people, places and things directly prior to my time in South Africa, lead me to feel like a race car driver who just finished a race and got out the car, stepping onto still ground, moving all too slow in the aftermath.
In short, I became a travel junkie this year, and staying still for a couple months has left me with itchier feet than ever.
Luckily for me (and my itchy feet), there are countless places to see within driving range from Cape Town- my new home away from home.
I’m blown away each time by all this country has to offer.
South Africa truly is stunning…and I haven’t even seen it all yet.  You could live here forever and not see everything.
So far, here are my favorite weekend getaways in the Western Cape of South Africa that keep my wanderlust (aka my soul) satisfied. ☺️
 Franschoek….Because, well wine.

With hundreds of wine farms, you may need more than one weekend here.

Hermanus- the quiet beaches you dream about.  img_0213
Sutherland…a place to see ALL the stars.  IMG_8936.JPGLooks like we’re headed to the middle of no man’s land, right?  That’s because we were- and that’s the point.  img_8943People travel from all over to see this little town where the land is flat and undisturbed, making for some of the best star gazing in the South Africa.  I won’t lie, the town itself is nothing to write home about…but when the sun goes down and the stars come out, it’s absolutely stunning.  I felt incredible peaceful and quiet.  It was grounding to be in Sutherland for the weekend.   
Hout Bay…because your drive in looks like this.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Simon’s Town  

Boulder Beach, Simon’s Town

Beautiful, beachy and fun.  Oh, and there are penguins on the beach.  YES, I said PENGUINS and BEACH in the same sentence. IMG_8242.JPG 
West Coast National Park

Namaqualand butterfly for a day!

St. James BeachIMG_8885.JPG
The lesson to learn here?
When you can’t take your “dream trip” – no matter where you are in the world- create a local trip or getaway of sorts to quell your need for speed.
Always, always, always continue to explore.

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  1. Ryan Riley January 26, 2017 at 7:26 am - Reply

    What is Heather Ditmars and “she goes global” doing next? is she going to be wedlocked? is she still going global and sharing her experiences with the world, (I’ve learned atleast 19 things from reading your blogs, ) what’s next your viewers care and it’s what we’re thinking about….. Thanks for showing us Cape Town, which I will be visiting but what’s next….. or is she done going global?

  2. Ryan Riley January 26, 2017 at 7:28 am - Reply

    P.S. Love the pic of you and the pic of the penguins!……

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