HE Goes Global | An Interview with Tayo Rockson

So, I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

I’m sharing a MAN’s perspective on SHE GOES GLOBAL.  Crazy, I know…

But before you go running away with the “No boys allowed!” mantra, hear me out.  Tayo is not only host to a fantastic podcast called “As Told by Nomads,” he is a three time Tedx speaker and CEO of his own company UYD Media. Oh, and he’s pretty handsome too ladies!

Read below what Tayo has to say about being an International public figure, his wishes for the modern day gentlemen, and how he’s helping to smash the patriarchy.

What was it like for me to travel internationally so much throughout your life?

It was quite surreal actually. You experience a whole range of emotions. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I was always going to meet new people and be in new environments. 
Nervous because I don’t know how I would be received in my new environments. 

The one realization I came to was that I would always be a minority everywhere I went and I grew to love it. I see my difference as a super power that allows me to be a bridge between cultures.  Another thing that I realized about myself traveling internationally is that it fed my curiosity about the world and made me realized just how big the world is. I wanted to tell more stories and be a voice for the underrepresented. 

How did you launch your own location independent international business?

It started with my podcast, As Told By Nomads. I had just moved to New York City and I was eager to launch a career that allowed me to use my voice to make an impact so I decided to launch a podcast. I wanted to know why even though we lived in a globalized world in the digital age, people weren’t effectively communicating across cultures so I used my podcast to explore this dilemma. 

I brought people from different parts of the world to talk about different ways to embrace a global mindset. After a little bit, it got recognized for its message and led to me speaking at places like the World Bank, United Nations Foundation a few TEDx talks which ultimately led me to build a speaking, consulting and media career. 

Do you think your travels early in life helped shaped how you approach your business?

I very much think so. When I approach business now, I am more mindful of biases that may be at play. I think of how truly inclusive every negotiation or decision I make is. I have come to realize that there are multiple ways to a right answer. 

How do you maintain such a global presence while remaining entirely authentic and REAL- something very important to all of my SHE GOES GLOBAL readers?

One thing I’ve learned about branding in the digital age is that whoever your followers end up being, they will be fans of who you are and what you stand up for.  My ultimate mission is to develop the next set of global leaders and it is my firm belief that everyone deep down wants to improve their lives and feel free to be themselves. I say “Use Your Difference To Make A Difference” all the time because it is as much a call to action and it is a reminder to people all over the world that they are special.

I think that the theme of acceptance and growth that I try to promote is a universal one so many people from different parts feel like they can locate themselves in the messages I share. 

Readers always want to know where “the best men in the world are,” and I’m a firm believer a man who travels is better than one who doesn’t.  How have your travels aided you in your “modern day gentleman” identity and masculinity?

I like to champion the idea of men being 21st Century Gentlemen because for far too long, we as a world have allowed patriarchy to persist. I want my fellow men to aid in smashing Patriarchy and work towards genuine gender equality. The fact that many women all over the world are not given access to education and opportunity is a travesty to me.

The fact that many women get harassed verbally and physically everyday and people chalk it up to “locker room culture” is maddening to me. If all of us men called more things out and seized to stop perpetuating stereotypes that women are only capable of “certain jobs”, I believe that we would live in a much better world. 

After my podcast interview with Tayo last month I knew I had to share him with you all.

Hope you don’t mind me inviting a man into the “clubhouse” for the sake of golden GLOBAL insight.

Now, it’s Monday so go have a great week!  (I’m about to go have a pisco sour with an alpaca here in Cusco…stay tuned I’ll let you know how that goes.)

Ciao ladies (and gentlemen)!


One thought on “HE Goes Global | An Interview with Tayo Rockson

  1. Thanks so much for this! It was super inspiring and I will definitely be checking out his podcast. I think we need more role models like this in the travel industry, especially as younger millennials are choosing to travel more and more. Glad to have found your blog 🙂


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