Beachside Living in Playa Coronado

After 10 days in Medellin, seemingly endless rain, and a few sleepless nights, I was SO ready for some beach time when we arrived in Panama.  Luckily, we had four days lined up at Inn Hostal B & B Las Catalinas where we would be a two minute walk from the ocean.

Our flight over to Panama was the easiest flight I’ve ever experienced (shout out to you Copa Airlines!) as it was only one-hour, on time AND they served a meal plus drinks (even alcohol).  Honestly, Copa Air was probably the best budget airlines I’ve ever come in contact with.  I’ll fly with them whenever possible moving forward.

We landed in Panama City at about 4:30 PM then made our way to Playa Coronado which took a few hours by taxi, which cost a whopping $60- we couldn’t take the bus because they wouldn’t allow our “moletas grandes” (large suitcases).

Yuri, the manager, told us to look for the yellow wall and then we’d know we were there.

How cute and cozy is that yellow wall?!

When I saw the entryway, I loved the place already and was wishing we’d booked more nights!

We slept like babies that night. Our room was PERFECT. We shared the King Suite (yes we cuddled 😂) and enjoyed the privacy after our stint in a dorm room in Medellin.

The next morning we woke up early to fresh coffee and crepes. (Thank you Yuri!)

Banana chocolate crepes and coffee makes for a happy morning if you ask me!

A nice man making you breakfast and serving it to you on the patio overlooking the pool…is there anything better?  I think not!

It was Tyguenne’s birthday during our stay and we spent the entire day frolicking on the black sand beach which was literally steps from our front door. The sand sparkled in the sun and the water was the kind of temperature you always wish your pool would be- not too cold, not too warm, just comfortable and refreshing.

It felt like heaven. It WAS heaven.

We spent three nights and four days like this. Lounging by the pool, eating crepes for breakfast and enjoying beachside living.

This is exactly the kind of lifestyle I want to pursue long term. There’s something so calming and peaceful about being on or near the water. You sleep better, your skin looks better with its daily dose of vitamin D, and you just feel better overall. I do anyway.

There is a full-time gardener named Giovani on site who makes everything look FLAWLESS.

It’s funny…for years I thought I’d end up in Coronado (San Diego, California), but as it turns out I may love Coronado, Panama even more. California will always be home, but I’ve definitely found a new home away from home feeling here in Playa Coronado, and Inn Hostal B & B Las Catalinas made it all absolutely perfect.

What are your favorite beachside towns around the world? Leave them in the comments (please!) and I’ll check them out at some point. I’m on a mission to find myself a perfect little spot to work on my first book!

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