Where I stayed this week: Cahuita, Costa Rica

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Where I stayed this week: Cahuita, Costa Rica

My first five days in Costa Rica were spent at the Magellan Boutique Hotel in Cahuita, and I could not have picked a better spot to start my tour of this country.  Cahuita is a quiet little beach “town,” near Puerto Viejo, where you’re forced to slow down, look around and just enjoy nature.  There’s one restaurant that’s opened for limited dinner hours, one tiny shop a few minutes away where the owner sells random things like snickers from her front door.  It’s truly simple beachside living and I loved it.
Places like this refocus me on what’s most important.  The ocean really is my favorite form of therapy…
The hotel I stayed at is about 200 feet from an expansive black sand beach that sparkles in the sun and is a nice spot to watch the sunset.  The water temperature is just refreshing enough to feel crisp but without the bite of the Pacific.  Caribbean living is SO for me.
Sunshine, sand and waves….and then a beautiful place to rest my head.  (Clearly, it was a good five days.)

A few highlights from my stay at Magellan Boutique Hotel

Ownership and Management.  Sunny, an American woman from New Mexico, has managed the hotel for just over a year and is doing an impressive job running it solo (and she’s a single Mom).  You know how much I love a power woman, and this was certainly one at her finest.  Her staff all seem to genuinely enjoy working for her, the hotel is wonderful and the entire vibe is cool, calm and collected.  Sunny is living my beachside dream running a place like this…in a place like this!
Landscaping.  The hotel is filled with a lot of beautiful landscaping that is always pristine.  It feels zen and therapeutic all around.
Great pool.  If there’s a beach I’m happy already.  Throw in a pool and I am THRILLED!  Then throw in cute little floating devices that double up as cocktail holders and I’m not leaving…
Beautiful rooms.  The decor in each room is simple, beachy, and comfortable.  I especially loved the waterfall showerhead in the bathroom and the local products we were given use (in fact I’m kicking myself for not buying them).
The bed was AMAZING.  These sheets were very obviously picked out by a woman who’s got similar taste to my own- luxuuriously soft as can be, yet light and airy.  7583854880_img_4840
Hammocks!  Need I say more?
Breakfast.  One of the best hotel breakfasts I’ve had actually!  There were four options to choose from everyday: omelette, oatmeal, pancakes or a local breakfast made with rice, beans and eggs.  Each breakfast choice is accompanied with fresh juice that changes daily, coffee/tea and fresh fruit.  I’m not even a huge breakfast person, but this place made me one!

[wpvideo limwDne9 ]
Yoga studio.  This hotel has a gorgeous open air studio where a yoga instructor teaches twice weekly.  
When a yoga practice is not in session, this studio is open for guests to use at their leisure.  Sunny even provided a few items of equipment, like mats, kettle bells and rollerballs.

I would absolutely recommend this hotel to anyone thinking of coming to this part of Costa Rica (and you should).  It’s hard to find a hotel that’s as tightly run and as comfortable as this one.  Everything was perfect and I think Magellan Hotel will be around for quite a while.  If you make it over there, give Sunny a hug for me!

Ps.  If you are headed out to Cahuita, book your stay on Booking.com through my affiliate link by clicking here.  

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  1. Wandering-Bird.com December 23, 2017 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Oh my goodness- that place looks amazing! Though please add a photo of the black sand beach- would love to see what it looks like. If I ever find myself in Costa Rica I will definitely be checking this hotel out!

  2. Folllowing the Rivera December 24, 2017 at 12:09 am - Reply

    Oh wow now this looks like my kind of place! You’re right about that bed it looks amazing! I’d love to go to costa rica one day and stay here!

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