8 Reasons I love Montreal

1. People. I would venture to say that 50% (minimum) of the experience you’re going to have with a place is a direct result of the people you meet and interact with. I was fortunate to meet quite a few cool people in Montreal, and even made some lifelong friends. There’s a strong sense of community in this city and you can feel it the more your interact. People are extremely welcoming, kind and warm (which is great because it’s freezing outside😜).

Making new friends at the #TravelPack Panel Event at Lounge 4284

2. Food. There is a big “foodie” scene in Montreal and tons of restaurants to cater to the crowd. I was lucky enough to try quite a few cafes and restaurants, casual and fine dining.

My favorites spots:

Joe Beef

If that’s not a winning wine list, I don’t know what is!

Les Enfants Terribles

Photo by Nyx Labs
Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan and Black Squid Ink | Photo by Nyx Labs
Calamari = YUM! | Photo by Nyx Labs

Cafe Kiffin

Rocket and brie salad
Tomato soup and grilled cheese on a snowy day…nothing more cozy for your tummy than that!

3. Art. Between all the street art that paints the walls and alleys and the countless galleries in Old Port, I was in an art filled heaven. 4964111792_img_4980

4. Snow. Yes you read that correctly. I said SNOW. While I was genuinely terrified about spending an extended amount of time in a REAL WINTER at first, I quickly learned to love the snow. There really is something magical about the fresh white covered trees and snowflakes falling on your head- it made me feel like a little kid. I just wish I took the time to make a snow angel… next time! 4964111792_img_4975

5. Architecture. There are beautiful buildings, new and old, all around the city. The architecture feels modern at times, and classic French others. There’s a really beautiful balance between new style and old, which felt very unique to me.

6. Public Park. There are quite a few public parks throughout the city where you find gorgeous snow covered trees in the Winter, and picnic baskets with countless locals in the Summer.

7. Public transit is EASY. Coming directly from Central America, I had a massive appreciation for the public transit system in Montreal during my stay. Anyone that knows me well knows that I get lost constantly, and I was actually able to navigate the city without too much help from Google (okay maybe it was quite a bit of help from Google, but still). Most people that live in Montreal do not drive- they don’t have to, which is awesome for city living, and better for the environment.

8. Education happening everywhere! – colleges everywhere. Population full of young people in learning mode- resulting in a laid back, open mindedness in the community.

Strolling through McGill University | Photo by Nyx Labs

3 thoughts on “8 Reasons I love Montreal

  1. I have only been once, last may long weekend. I loved the old town and find it felt like being in Europe. We went to i think it was called Garde Manger? Our waiter wrote us a list of bars to check out and we just went to the first one and it was so adorable, it was like in an alleyway with string lights strung across the alley and it reminded me of my favourite bar back home, like the Montreal version. Loved it.


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