Guesthouse Living in Edinburgh

Guesthouses are little gems in the tourism world.

They make you feel at home, even if you’re a million miles away.  They’re cozy and give you a localised experience, which is exactly what I wanted for a few days in Edinburgh.  I had plans to check in to a hotel to wrap my trip up, but for the first couple days while being introduced to the city, this was the way to do it- low key and local.

Gilmore Guest House at 51 Gilmore Place was a perfect little home-away-from-home for three nights.  The room they gave us (myself plus my friend George) was the biggest one they had on the first floor with a large window wrapped around a little nook.

The walls were decked out with Marilyn Monroe artwork, which I LOVED.

Check out the Scottish print on her lips!

We had three beds and there were two of us, so my stuff immediately found a home scattered over the spare bed. You don’t think you need an extra bed until you’ve had one…img_8179

The front of the guesthouse (and our window)

We were within walking distance from literally everything we wanted to see in Edinburgh- Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, you name it.  There were plenty of shops and restaurants around and a grocery store.

I try not to take to take public transportation, when I’m somewhere new, so that I can explore by foot and really get a feel for the place. Staying central is essential for that, so this place was really perfect location wise.

It was so nice being able to go explore by day then return to what felt like a cozy house. The guesthouse had a kitchen we were able to use (no I’m not a cook, but having access to a fridge is super nice).

There was plenty of coffee in our room, (you’ve all heard my rants about my caffeine addiction) so that made the mornings easy- for myself and my travel partner George who had to deal with me! 😂

Coffeeeeeee.  My muse.  My lifeline.

Overall it was a great experience and a very pleasant stay. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an easy, local, and affordable experience in Edinburgh.

Book your stay at Gilmore Guest House using my partner link here.

Photos and Video created and edited by Nyx Labs

Find out more about Gilmore Guest House here.

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