Princess Treatment at Radisson Collection Royal Mile

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Princess Treatment at Radisson Collection Royal Mile

Is there anything better than a suite on the top floor of 5 star hotel overlooking a castle and a street called Royal Mile?  I think not.
Radisson Collection Royal Mile made my final two days in Edinburgh perfect.  I truly won’t forget my stay here, or my visit to this city.  Edinburgh quickly became one of my new favorite cities- I know… I’ve said that too many times, but they really do keep getting better.
Location, Location, Location
The hotel sits rigth in the heart of Old Town Edinburgh, overlooking Royal Mile, a street full of shops, cafes and pubs.  It’s about about a 10 minute walk from the main train station too, which was great.  Everything was within walking distance:  Edinburgh Castle, St Giles’ Cathedral, Greyfriars Kirkyard and the National Museum of Scotland.  You really could’n’t have a better location if you’re wanting to stay central.
The lobby, bar and restaurant at the hotel are stylish, modern and pretty.  The interior design was unique and beautiful- and that fire was all too inviting with the cold temperatures outside.

A Royal Greeting
I checked in early and was quickly lead up to my room (without having to stow my bags and wait for the proper check in time- thank you!). I was sent up to the top floor.  Lucky for me (and my camera) I was given the corner suite on the fifth floor, which I’m pretty sure may be the best room in the house- it was the best for me, anyway.
I was just tucking my bags away so I could get video footage of the room when two people from room service came and knocked on the door.
They carried in a platter of decadent desserts and a handwritten welcome card.  It was one of those “OMG-I-Love-This-Place” Travel moments and I relished in it.
Robes and Sparkling Walls
Just when I was thinking about getting myself a bottle of red to have with the sweets, I saw the two black robes hanging in the perfectly lit bathroom.
The bathroom had a shower made of sparkling black walls and an overhead rainfall spout above.  I usually dread washing my hair (because it takes a year and a half) and the first sight of the shower made me excited to do so and take all the time in the world.


Of course I put one on immediately and decided it was my new favorite outfit.

Breakfast of Champions Royalty
I’m not usually a breakfast person, but I couldn’t resist here.  They had literally everything.  A full continental breakfast bar and a menu you could order a proper breakfast from.  I opted for “The Veggie” with eggs and grilled vegetables.
Oh, and they brought me a giant jug of coffee, so I was in heaven for a good hour and a half (and stuffed full) by the time I was off for the day.
Five Star Luxury
At this point in my travels (35 countries and 2.5 years deep) I’ve seen it all when it comes to accommodation options.  I’ve stayed in hostels, hotels, resorts, yachts, cruise ships, you name it, I’ve slept there.  Some nights I’ve slept better than others, obviously, and that’s ultimately what it comes down to: needing a good night’s sleep.
When I woke up in my queen size bed covered in silky white sheets, and threw on the fuzzy black robe sitting on the chair waiting for me, I felt like I’d just made up for months of only half-decent sleep.  I felt so refreshed and revived.
I sat for as long as I could looking out the window, soaking up the view for every last second, until my late check-out at 1 PM.  Then, I was off to hike up to Arthur’s Seat, full of energy and happiness.
Thank you for making my final night in your gorgeous city so luxuriously cozy and comfortable, Raddisson Collection.  You’re a gem, in the gem that is your city, Edinburgh.


Photo by Nyx Labs

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