Sleeping in a Capsule with Rainbow lights in LONDON

Throughout London you’ll see quite a few St. Christopher’s Inn locations- there are eight in London alone.  The hostel/hotel chain has many locations, and not just in the UK.  I actually stayed at another location in Berlin, Germany two years ago near the beginning of my travels and loved it.  They have four guiding principles at St Christopher’s: Safe, Fun, Secure, Value- and I can vouch for all four.

One of the newer locations is at London Bridge and features the first capsule beds in the UK.  I was lucky enough to try them out for a few nights during my very first visit to London.

St. Christopher’s Village- London Bridge

The staff all throughout the Inn are SO friendly and helpful. They all seem to be having fun and enjoying their jobs too which is infectious energy that I really appreciate (especially in the UK). In the gloomy London weather you can never see enough smiles. Here there were plenty.  Immediately, from the second I walked in, the staff working the front desk were smiling, laughing and greeted me with so much warmth.  I felt comfortable and a little bit happier right away.

The bar/restaurant and “Dug out” were full of happy travelers and good vibes.

The “Dug Out” is a hangout spot for guests, and where they serve breakfast

Food + Drinks + Parties

On the first floor there’s a large sports bar/restaurant called Belushi’s and it’s got people lounging at any hour of the day or night. I used Belushis as an office one day and a bar the next. Perfect place to meet other travelers or chow down some much needed carbs after a night out in London (and I, admittedly, had a few).4469082128_img_5912

Because I’d stayed at the Berlin location before, I  knew what to expect from the bar as soon as the sun went down.  PARTY TIME.  All kinds of people, locals and guests, come into the bar at the St Christopher’s Inn locations for their parties, live music, etc., every night.  If you aren’t a night owl and want to stay here, bring your headphones.4469082128_img_5911

First Capsule Beds in the UK

All you need after a long day of exploring a city like London is a space like this, with a little privacy.  I’ve slept in similar capsule style beds in a couple Asian countries over the past couple years- this “hotel” style is becoming more and more popular.  While I understood the concept, I’d never seen anything this modern or spacious.

Inside the capsule, there’s a circular logo that has touch technology displaying the color light of your choosing as you scroll through red, blue, green, etc..  I usually stopped on the green or blue lighting- I found it soothing.

You know when you want a bit of “mood lighting” when it’s time for bed, but not necessarily time for sleep?  This lighting was PERFECT for that last hour or two in bed during my winding down time.   I don’t know about you, but I am not one to fall right to sleep.  I stay up binge watching unspeakable television shows or editing/writing.

I found my little capsule perfectly cozy for that last part of my day and slept like a baby.  I actually slept in past breakfast (the provide free breakfast until 10 AM) three out of the four days I was there because I was SO comfortable.  Another thing I loved about the capsule was the fact that no light comes through the curtain.  When you pull the curtain closed you have almost black-out lighting (unless you use the “mood lighting” of course).

By the end of my stay, I was wishing I’d booked more nights and was staying in London longer.  While I spent 10 days in the city and saw as much as possible, there’s an ever-growing to-do list for my next visit- and there will, inevitably, be another visit.  I can’t stay away too long London.  😉

Thanks for the great experience St Christopher’s!  And congrats on introducing such a cool concept to the UK!  Capsule beds FTW.

Book your stay at St. Christoper’s Village – London Bridge with my Booking dot com partner affiliate link here.

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