10 Things You Should Never (ever) Do Abroad

With all the lessons I've gathered up over the last three years of travel, I can say in total honesty that I know exactly as much about what NOT to do, as what TO DO abroad.  With every "travel hacking" notation I've made along the way, there's been a warning frantically scribbled on my notebook beneath it. Today, I figured I'd share a few of those "warnings" from my own experiences [...]

5 Spiritual Destinations that will Change Your Life 

Whether you’re going on a pilgrimage to deepen your faith or you’re curious about other religions and cultures, visiting sacred places can really open your heart and mind. These places have a distinctive energy, a certain veil of mystery, and you can feel the way centuries have accumulated around them, shaping history as we know it. Sacred spots help you realize there’s something bigger than ourselves, something that connects us all [...]

Four Days in Singapore, March '17

It's funny how life works, isn't it?  One minute, you're going here, or there, and then wondering if you made the right call. During some points of my travels I've suffered from "The grass looks greener over there" syndrome.  There have been times I've arrived in a new place only to be called to another quicker than I probably should have.  I remember leaving early from Greece to go to Ireland [...]

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Review: 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay Singapore

When I was researching places to stay in Singapore, I found 5footway.inn via Facebook, surprisingly, and was intrigued by the cutesy name and marketing.  I thought to myself, "Five feet...that's about my size.  That's all I need.  Perfect!"  Just a little space to call my own for a few days while I explore this new city.  What I found in real life, however, was so much better and a majorly welcome [...]

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