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"How traveling redefined my priorities and outlook on life" by Hayley Jones

I can never remember a time growing up when I had a clear focus of what I wanted to do with my life.  My brother and I were very different in that way!  He was exceptionally focused and knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Now at the young age of 24 he is the Co-owner of his very own company. I, on the other [...]

"How I healed my broken heart in Finland" by Dr. Tarryn Bannister

Looking back now, with the doctorate under my belt and currently enjoying a peaceful relationship, I can see that my 2014 heart break turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am more decisive now and I know what “I” want. Prior to us ending the relationship, I had grappled with indecision as to whether I could trust my own intuition. For years I [...]

“You don’t have to go abroad to experience travel” by Toni Elston

I have been unable to travel the world as I would like to yet, but I can still say, without a doubt, traveling has been my saving grace. Growing up, most of the traveling I did was with my mom to whatever base she was living on- my mom was in the military but I wasn’t with her all the time. I think that’s where my love for travel and exploring comes from. Being able to get away from the everyday mundane activities that Alabama offered was a dream come true.  Just a 30-minute trip away or [...]

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"How I Found Myself In Asia" by Danielle Read

Traveling to Asia at the nimble age of 19, alone, was a gamble. But unlike the flashy lights of Vegas's pokie machines, it was a gamble that entirely paid off. Hi, I'm Danielle and six years ago I was in a tough spot. I was halfway through a Psychology degree and in the dumps. Like many people graduating high school, I had no idea what I wanted to achieve in this [...]

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HE Goes Global | An Interview with Tayo Rockson

So, I’m doing something I’ve never done before... I’m sharing a MAN’s perspective on SHE GOES GLOBAL.  Crazy, I know... But before you go running away with the “No boys allowed!” mantra, hear me out.  Tayo is not only host to a fantastic podcast called “As Told by Nomads,” he is a three time Tedx speaker and CEO of his own company UYD Media. Oh, and he’s pretty handsome too ladies! [...]

5 Spiritual Destinations that will Change Your Life 

Whether you’re going on a pilgrimage to deepen your faith or you’re curious about other religions and cultures, visiting sacred places can really open your heart and mind. These places have a distinctive energy, a certain veil of mystery, and you can feel the way centuries have accumulated around them, shaping history as we know it. Sacred spots help you realize there’s something bigger than ourselves, something that connects us all [...]

Guest Post: 5 Unconventional Things to do in Australia

Whether you’re a local or someone just visiting Australia, conventional trips can sometimes become boring. It’s not all about the museums, zoos, and architecture, there are other things in Australia to experience. Here is a list of five unconventional and fun activities you can try in Australia. Take a look! BridgeClimb in Sydney Sydney is a beautiful city to explore, and what a better way to do so than up from [...]

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Summer 2016 GLOBAL GIRLS

It's summer time and everywhere we look, ladies are going global.  We are catching flights to far-away islands, road tripping along coastlines and crossing off bucket list destinations. Where are you this summer?  Hopefully somewhere warm and beautiful! See why we chose these five SUMMER 2016 GLOBAL GIRLS and how they are following their own travel dreams. ALYSSA JOHNSON What was the biggest driving force to get you to travel?  My [...]

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Can't believe it's already May! We are almost half way into the year and it's flying by faster than ever. For me, so far this year has been full of new experiences, new people and lasting impressions. Since 2016 began I've been fortunate to come across countless inspiring people who have made life all the more intriguing and exciting. Recently I connected with these three ladies and thought they would leave [...]

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These ladies are from all corners of the globe and showing us all just how it's done.  Some part-time and some full-time travelers, each of these women has a unique story. Read about what motivated them to take their first international trip, where their dream destination is and why they believe travel is the best education a girl can get. Here are our April 2016 GLOBAL GIRL picks!   EMILY MOELL  From [...]

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