“Becoming Brave in Montreal” by Brittany Dickey

All settled into our hotel rooms, we decided to venture out into the streets of our new home for the next 6 weeks: Montreal, Quebec. We struck out on our own, thrilled to finally be walking around in the alluring city of Montreal. French words filled the air. The soft sound of a street musician’s acoustic guitar echoed from a metro entrance. Hare Krishna followers were brightly dressed and chanting on [...]

"Things I’ve noticed after returning home to the USA" by HMD

Returning home after travel brings up many emotions including, but not limited to, angst.  It's all very weird after the dust settles and you've made your initial "rounds" of reunions with friends and family.  People are "super excited your home!" until life goes back to normal and it's business as usual.  You're excited, too, and then, suddenly, you feel every ounce of the giant halt you're coming to...a screeching loud and [...]

“How Hiking The Colorado Trail Helped This Mom Find Her Way Back Home” by Emilie Sagle

It’s so early. I’m barely awake at 5:00 AM, yet I’m rolling out of bed.  I had the opportunity to sleep-in; My kids are having a sleepover at my folk’s place for a few nights, so I should be having an especially restful sleep.  But I ‘m feeling a little anxious this morning. Because today’s the day! Today, I’m hiking the Colorado Trail, all by myself. The Colorado Trail (CT) stretches [...]

Dear Diary, I trekked Peru’s Salkantay Trail to one of the World Wonders…and I liked it.

If you would have told me a few years ago I’d end up in Peru with a small backpack trekking up and down mountains and through the jungle (unbathed and without makeup on), I would have laughed so hard my nice red wine would have been spit out and my butt would be on the floor after falling out of my chair.  I used to be as "indoorsy" as a girl [...]

Inspirational books that have shaped my travels (and my life)

Reading is essential, not just on the road but in everyday life, and these books have really helped shape me and my travels along this crazy journey the past two years.  If you're looking for a little inspiration, pick one of these up and don't forget your journal to take notes- you're going to learn a lot from these gems.  It's impossible not to. Ps. I included my new affiliate links [...]

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Pain vs. Diamonds

I met the most amazing woman at my hostel in Cusco.  Canadian and every bit as polite as the stereotype says, you can feel this woman's warmth from across the cold room.  I actually saw her arrive and could feel something odd about her- in a good way.  She floated by me on her way to her room.  She was putting off this "zen" energy accompanied with total bliss.  You become [...]

HE Goes Global | An Interview with Tayo Rockson

So, I’m doing something I’ve never done before... I’m sharing a MAN’s perspective on SHE GOES GLOBAL.  Crazy, I know... But before you go running away with the “No boys allowed!” mantra, hear me out.  Tayo is not only host to a fantastic podcast called “As Told by Nomads,” he is a three time Tedx speaker and CEO of his own company UYD Media. Oh, and he’s pretty handsome too ladies! [...]

Pain is weakness leaving the body, right?

They say "Pain is weakness leaving the body." I've always been hesitant when taking advice from the omnipotent "they," but this little nugget of wisdom has always stayed with me.  From long hauls carrying The Backpack, aka Big Red, around the world, to break ups and career challenges, to everything else that hurts just a little too much.  Pain.  Heather, it's just pain.  It's temporary.  Right?  Now, breathe!   Pain is [...]

Fitness & Travel: Can they coexist?

My relationship with fitness is a codependent one that needs consistent love and attention- and if I let it go by the wayside, it will quickly drag me down.  While this "relationship" is important to me, let's face it...I have a more passionate affair with travel- and sometimes the two get in the way of each other. As I've learned over the years, if I don't exercise at least a few times [...]

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Can't believe it's already May! We are almost half way into the year and it's flying by faster than ever. For me, so far this year has been full of new experiences, new people and lasting impressions. Since 2016 began I've been fortunate to come across countless inspiring people who have made life all the more intriguing and exciting. Recently I connected with these three ladies and thought they would leave [...]

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