The people I’ve met on the road

/The people I've met on the road

Becoming a Student of Life through Travel

In two and a half years of travel I've met many a lost soul... and even more that had been recently "found." People that travel, like I have, aren't just looking for their next passport stamp.  They're typically on a quest for something greater- something more fulfilling and life-enriching than a global checklist.  Many of them, myself included, have suffered in their past lives back home and are taking to the [...]

She Goes…to Canada?!

Oh Canadaaaaa, the land I call my...COLD, I call you COLD.  Canada, I underestimated your bite... I've been in Montreal for just over one week and my face hasn't fallen off yet, which continues to shock me.  Colder than any weather I've ever experienced in my lifetime (I'm from California where we just "opt out" of Winter), Montreal has been sitting at about -15 degrees Celsius.  I would cry if it [...]

A Panamanian Woman with Third World Problems and First World Happiness

I met the most amazing woman a few days ago in Bocas Town, Panama. It'd been a long few days staring at my computer screen and not interacting with anyone.  I was feeling antisocial- I get like that sometimes.  When I finally emerged from my dark hole of silence, I was hit by blazing sunlight as I walked down the main street to the nearest dock.  It's so damn hot on [...]

Pain vs. Diamonds

I met the most amazing woman at my hostel in Cusco.  Canadian and every bit as polite as the stereotype says, you can feel this woman's warmth from across the cold room.  I actually saw her arrive and could feel something odd about her- in a good way.  She floated by me on her way to her room.  She was putting off this "zen" energy accompanied with total bliss.  You become [...]

Lost and Found at Sea- My Experience with Viking Ocean Cruises

Sorry for the overused, hashtag-ery title but it's more than fitting for this post and, try as I may, there's no better way to describe the theme of these past two weeks.  I embarked on a true journey when I got on board the Viking Star and not just one about travel.  It turned out to be two very pivotal weeks in my life that were shared with people that will [...]

Taxi Cab Confessions

As I roam around meeting people I feel like a sponge- soaking in every little piece of wisdom and inspiration.  Every person I meet is interesting in some way.  Even the ones I have not been particularly fond of... are interesting.  The guy working at the front desk, the woman on the train, the guy sitting next to you at the airport gate, the taxi driver, the flight attendant and the [...]

The Best Men in the World

The amount of conversations revolving around my love life are seemingly endless.  I meet people and it takes them all of 5 minutes to ask me why I'm alone.  Why I don't have a man by my side.  These little chats have always been a part any given day during my single times, but they have become particularly frequent since I began traveling.  Why are people so damn concerned?  Everyone wants to [...]