To say the past year has been simply amazing would be the largest understatement I have ever made.  Traveling around the world solo was something I never thought I could actually pull off- until I did.

From the decision making process to day one, to day 100 and 300- I’ve done my best to document and share as much as I can.

Reading my own journal back from the first post to now as I am writing this (July 2016), I can see my evolution through my words- and that is why I began SHE GOES GLOBAL in the first place…to embrace the evolution of self and the path that got me there.

If you’re reading this, please do so keeping in mind I am human.  I make mistakes and say things out of ignorance or humor at times.  My writing is personal, humorous and honest.  This is my journey and I have to be true to myself, no matter what.

I hope in showing others my mental and emotional process, it could help them with theirs.  This journey has been anything but easy; but sharing makes it all worth it.


August 2015: The Decision

August 13th- The Night Before

August 14- The Day Of

August: Brave New Girl

August: Bucket Lists and Transformations

September: The Deconstruction of “Pretty”

November: A Letter to Europe

December: Eat, Pray, Whatever

December: The Best Men in the World

Taxi Cab Confessions


January 2016: Bali sans Javier

February: Nomadic Cliche

February: Watching the ads go by

March: The Pillow 

March: Torn Between Two Worlds

March: The Burden of Things

April: Things I’ve Goten Used to on the Road

April: Shoes and a Mirror

April: Crash Course on Life

May: Plot Twist! Africa…

June: I Skipped my Flight


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