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In addition to my personal stories, advice, etc., I love sharing content from other fabulous women around the world.  

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Lauren Edie Walton image-1

Lauren Edie (known to friends as Loppy) is a British expat living in Reykjavik, Iceland. She’s an aspiring blogger, experienced goldsmith, full-time barista, keen linguist and curious explorer. On her blog she tells stories about life in Iceland, life back home and the struggles of expat life. She was encouraged to travel from a young age by her mother who is also a risk-taking adventurer.


Emilie is a self-professed multipotentialite.*

She’s a full-time mom, part time writer, dental hygienist, piano teacher and traveler. She believes that life is best lived through experience and adventure. Her gentle yet no nonsense approach to life gives her kids, students and patients the tools they need to live an especially well rounded life.

You can follow Emilie on Instagram here.

“How Hiking The Colorado Trail Helped This Mom Find Her Way Back Home” by Emilie Sagle

Ella Kim

Ella is the Content Manager for trekbible, is a writer and content specialist with a predilection for learning and exploring new places and cultures around the world. With family scattered throughout the U.S. and South Korea, she loves to see cross-cultural influences around the world. Her favorite thing to do on her travels is to taste the local cuisine of each destination.

“I got kicked off a train and unexpectedly found myself in Dijon, France” by Ella Kim


In December 2016, Tarryn Bannister received her doctorate in law. She is passionate about human rights, social justice and Buffy the vampire slayer.


Toni is a lifestyle blogger who’s goal is to share her love for life and the little joys. She is incredibly passionate about travel, food, her dog, and making the world a better place. Toni is an avid reader and explorer who’s always into something new and adventurous. This sometimes gets her into sticky situations, but it’s worth it. Toni lives by the ideal that it is never too late to start over. Every year, month, day, second is a fresh start if you allow it to be. Make the best of every situation you are in and keeping a positive mindset is essential. Live your life to the fullest, and ALWAYS follow your dreams.

You can keep up with Toni at

ROXANA OLIVERmeRoxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing on her websites and  Also be sure to follow Roxana on twitter.


Jess Signet is a blogger and writer that is proud to combine her two greatest loves: travel and technology. She is also interested in new technologies and the latest smartphone releases. She can’t wait for her next trip out of the United States!

You can follow Jess at


Alyssa is a writer and content marketing strategist from Kansas City. She’s passionate about travel, trying new cuisine and staying active.

In her free time, you’ll most likely find her in a yoga studio, exploring with her dog or trying out new Pinterest recipes. Soon to be a Master Scuba Diving Instructor, her travels will be experienced from another perspective- under the sea.

You can find out more about her writing and adventures on her blog Travel Through Words or on Instagram @alysssa_johnson.


Readcity Founder and CEO, Danielle Read is a creative, passionate and dedicated Copywriter. Danielle holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science as well as tertiary qualifications in Creative and Academic Writing, Digital Marketing and Business Management. A lover of all things literary, Danielle feels at peace when reading a perfectly structured sentence- And even more so if she’s the person who has written it! Rock and roll soothe her soul and fuels her creative fire. You’ll often find Danielle whisking her partner away on spontaneous trips and eating soup on weekends. Catch her @readcity


Haley Jones of Ms Blissness, a travel, fitness and inspirational blog with the intention to uplift, inspire and be inspired. A South African expat currently living in London, it’s a place for the gypsy souls, those in need of change and adventure. Dedicated to the wanderers, dreamers and free spirits, those reaching for the stars, chasing fireflies and swimming with mermaids. To all those who do all things with LOVE!

Content to forever be the wanderer, dreamer and free spirit. Love and Light.

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