December is here!  (As if you couldn’t tell by the inundation of Christmas decorations at your local grocery store.)  This month is about so much more than the holidays, though.  It’s a month of reflection and anticipation alike.

Where did the past year take you?  Where will the next year lead you?

As we end 2015 and head into 2016, I am full of inspiration and excitement for what’s ahead, and these women will make you feel the same!

Choosing five women to feature this month was pretty difficult!  So many awe-inspiring women around the world reached out with really impactful stories.  I chose these women based on their unique responses to these three questions.

  1.  What did you leave behind to go travel?
  2. Where have you arrived (physically, emotionally and mentally)?
  3. What’s next?

Their responses varied but they all have something in common.  All of them are completely open to the possibilities of the next year.  Most of them are unsure where the globe will lead them next.  Freedom is a beautiful thing- and we all should pursue it like these gals.


Meet your December GLOBAL GIRLS…


lucy Dec GG

“I quit a good job, left behind a nine year relationship and all my family and friends. Everyone thought I was crazy, but nearly a year later I know that it was the best decision I ever made. I’ve found out so much about myself, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue my dreams, to work freelance as a writer and blogger instead of as a journalist for a newspaper, and I’ve fallen in love many a time with people, places and moments. I know that what I’ve gained is worth so much more than what I left behind.

Physically, mentally, emotionally I’ve reached a point now where I am making plans for the future, my travel plans have changed into something much more long term than I originally planned.  I’ve turned this into my lifestyle and I’m thinking about the future. At the moment I’m working in the middle of the Australian outback to secure a second year visa before rejoining city life where I will be working as a journalist again. I’m enjoying working after spending nine months just living for the moment. I’m now working and saving so I can do that once again, but it’s nice to have some stability in the meantime. Emotionally, I went through a phase where I was exhausted from traveling but looking after myself a bit has really helped me to refocus.

What’s next?  I can’t stop thinking about my next plans, I’m so excited to be returning to Sydney so that I can meet a great friend for a road trip to Melbourne where I will work and live for the next few months until my visa runs out in May. I’ll be squeezing in a trip to Bali, of course, and then heading back to England and touring Europe. Bring it on!”


SARAH E.  sarah E Dec GG

Before…”When i was in college, I was traveling quite a bit. I moved to the UK for grad school then returned back to Kansas City in 2009 with a plan to move to Scotland, but I met someone.  We were together for four years, and I stopped traveling. in 2012, i was invited to my friend’s wedding in Istanbul and my boyfriend couldn’t go, so I went alone. After that, I couldn’t see myself staying landlocked so i took a job on a small expedition cruise ship. We stayed together, but less than a year later we split. I worked on the ship for three years and quit last July then spent three months at home saving money.  I moved down to New Zealand three weeks ago. I left my family in the states right before the holidays.  Other than that, I wasn’t leaving anything major behind- no boyfriend and no job.

It took some time, but I’m completely and totally confident in myself and my abilities as a traveler. i’m fiercely independent and i hate being told what to do, so i’m surprised it took this long for me to figure it out.

I’m in New Zealand, on a one-year working holiday visa, so I have big, vague plans for adventure…probably Australia after this and then Southeast Asia?  Potentially the Middle East and Africa too..and antarctica, if I can get there.”


HOLLI M. Holli M

“I left my wonderful job as an event and wedding coordinator, my lovely furnished house that I had all to myself, 2 of the cutest King Charles Spaniels you’ve ever met and of course family and friends, but god it’s worth it!

Physically I’m in the Australian Outback. Mentally I’m unsure of what I’m doing with my life, but that’s okay, not everyone has to find themselves whilst traveling, and emotionally in the best place I’ve been for a long time, a lot more chilled out than I was back home, and just so happy everyday with what my life has become.

I will be spending the next 6 months staying in Australia and working, although maybe moving to somewhere along the coast, because I do miss the ocean! Then in September I’ll be traveling through New Zealand, Asia and South America which I’m super excited about. The idea is to not have to work for that whole year as well which would just be the best thing ever! Oh and I’ll be sneaking a trip to Sweden in on the way home as well!”


SARAH H.  sarah hughes

“I left behind the pain of a failed marriage and death of my father but also a stable career as an interior designer, my wonderful family and friends and my beloved dog.  I miss them all terribly but they understand that this is what I need to do and are fully supportive. 

Now, I am the happiest I have ever been knowing that I am finally living the life I have always dreamed of but had denied myself…to make others happy.  

I’m currently in Southeast Asia until Spring 2016. January and February will likely find us traveling outside of Thailand. Cambodia? Laos? Vietnam? Myanmar? Philippines?  After that who knows! Mexico and Central America are calling me back but I am wide open to the possibilities!  It’s completely open right now which is just how we like it. Many of our best experiences are the ones we haven’t planned.”


wendy DEC GG

“I quit my Director level role at a top consulting firm, and gave up all the perks of that job – including the flashy business card, access to exclusive conferences, professional development resources, and expense account meals. I rented out my condo located in the middle of San Francisco, which I had painstakingly and beautifully furnished in just my style — a place with a huge private outdoor space and a parking spot, which is unheard of! I waved farewell to a circle of close trusted friends that I built up over the course of nearly a decade living in the Bay Area, my parents, two aunts, a grandmother, my brother, sister-in-law, and adorable 3-year old niece who is still changing and growing tons every day.

This year I traveled to the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Germany, and Japan. I am now in Taiwan for December. I sat in silence for 10 days at a vipassana meditation center, and trekked through the jungle for five days to walk inside the biggest cave in the world. I got to spend a lot of quality time with my mom, including driving cross country across the US with her, along with rescued remnants from my childhood home after my dad passed away unexpectedly this summer. I have been busy building the foundation for my own independent executive coaching business. I attended an Enneagram workshop for my personal development, and in November, I launched the website for the Life Reboot retreat that I’m hosting in Hawaii next May.  Of course, anxiety and self-doubt creep in sometimes, but mostly I feel incredibly free, grateful, and aligned with my purpose. I’m more at peace with being exactly where I am than I have ever been.

To kick off 2016, I will be at a month-long women’s retreat on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. After that, I’m considering returning to spend some more time in Chiang Mai or Shanghai, possibly visiting friends in Hong Kong or Singapore, or trekking to the top of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia. I also have a box of winter clothes that is waiting for me in Berlin. But my life these days is largely lived unplanned, so depending on what comes up between now and then, your guess is as good as mine as to where I’ll be!”


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One thought on “December GLOBAL GIRLS

  1. Great post! I think those three simple questions are profound and really touch the heart of the matter. I loved reading the various well thought responses and can relate to many. Thank you all for sharing.


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