Funny things I noticed about Peru (after staying for 7 weeks)

One of the benefits of full-time travel is that you can slow down (despacio en Español) and really get to know a place.  I had the luxury of doing this in Peru last month.  I spent almost seven weeks in this beautiful country and was able to see quite a few places I can now … Continue reading Funny things I noticed about Peru (after staying for 7 weeks)

Can travel heal depression?

  Throughout my travel journey, from inception of the idea to booking the ticket and following through to now, I have had my fair share of crazy looks from people.  I've experienced judgement on judgement in all forms, coupled with praise.  Like all other things in life, you take the good with the bad, right? … Continue reading Can travel heal depression?

Why (and how) I started blogging

Two years ago I embarked on two different journeys that would take me to strange corners of the Earth, and my mind. One started with a backpack and a one-way ticket to Spain, but you've heard plenty about that. The other journey started with me opening my laptop one day in Portugal. Both were equally … Continue reading Why (and how) I started blogging

Life Update (and my BIG plan for Fall) 

This week marks the two year anniversary of the day I left the states on a one-way ticket to freedom. It feels surreal to be celebrating this day two whole years later, when I swear it was just yesterday.  Time is elusive isn't it?! Einstein said that time and space are an illusion. Perhaps this … Continue reading Life Update (and my BIG plan for Fall) 

Part II: American Wino in Africa

As I woke up today for my "American Wino in Africa" Day, Part II, I realized how hard this whole blogging thing really is... First, you have to schedule tours, then you have to drink wine...well you get it.. Hard work. JUST KIDDING! Blogging is the best gig ever, and days like today, well... They make … Continue reading Part II: American Wino in Africa