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How I Finance Traveling Full-Time

Originally when I left home in late 2015, my travels were only supposed to last a year. I budgeted for one year- accurately breaking down my budget to $50 a day and swearing to stick to it. What ended up happening was a surprise to me (a former shopoholic)... I repeatedly came under budget. Month two abroad, somewhere in Portugal, I started blogging, earning (very small) passive income and later began [...]

Travel Hacking: Cheap Flights

With over 30 flights under my belt in the last 10 months, I've had my fair share of countless screen hours searching for the best flight deals and travel itineraries.  I've turned it into a sort of game- searching the various sites and testing random theories.  It can be fun, I swear!  Haha I've become obsessed with any and all travel hacks that will save money, therefore allowing for more travel.  My [...]

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Daily "Euro" Pinching

The ways I have learned how to save money in Europe everyday have come to me through honest-to-goodness trial and error.  It's been a process, but I'm becoming an expert and love to share my learnings.  At first I found it very difficult to stay on my right budget but everyday found new ways to "pinch my euros," starting with analyzing the true value of what I wanted or needed and [...]

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Funding Freedom

The most asked questions since I have left home.  "How are you paying for this lifestyle?  It looks like all you do is roam around drinking wine, catching flights and living on the water.  You aren’t emaciated looking, so we know you are eating well and your locations are anything but cheap.  What is your secret?  There must be some secret you aren’t telling the rest of us."   Okay, let [...]

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10 Steps for Take Off 

Wander world.  What is that?  Where is it and how do we get there?  It sounds expensive.  (But it’s not!)  It’s a place for the brave hearted and the strong willed.  The curious wanderers and lustful nomads drawing people from all over the world, all around the world.  A community of wanderous wandering world travelers awaits at any destination you may have, and you will be welcomed with open arms. I [...]

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