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"My Strange Addiction: Take Off" by HMD

There have been ceaseless probing questions, primarily from my fellow Americans, about my decision-making and life choices lately, which (obviously) stems from my unsettledness and restless roaming.  I've met these Probers on the road while they were on vacation or business trips, all temporary travelers wondering WHAT ON EARTH I've been doing traveling for so long. There's one question I've faced regularly, as a nomad, that can induce an immediate headache [...]

Can travel heal depression?

  Throughout my travel journey, from inception of the idea to booking the ticket and following through to now, I have had my fair share of crazy looks from people.  I've experienced judgement on judgement in all forms, coupled with praise.  Like all other things in life, you take the good with the bad, right? I've had many the probing question that goes something like "But what about starting a family? [...]

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4 Talks that Changed my Life

About 6 months ago my life shifted from an almost-perfect construct to what I can only describe as messy, unpredictable, and nomadic.  Quitting my executive job and selling everything I owned to travel was an intense decision- to say the very least.  There were many factors that led me to the point where I was ready for such change.  The biggest catalyst was self-realization- accompanied by a growing conscious awareness that refused [...]

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