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"Love, Loss and Passport Stamps" by HMD

I've had many people point out to me that they "can't just hop on a plane and go heal their broken hearts in Italy, Greece or Peru.  Who will watch the kids for God's sake?  Who will pay the mortgage?" I hate the fact that I have been kind of tunnel-visioned as I globe-trotted away suggesting everyone do the same, without offering up an accessible approach to healing.  REAL people with [...]

"How traveling redefined my priorities and outlook on life" by Hayley Jones

I can never remember a time growing up when I had a clear focus of what I wanted to do with my life.  My brother and I were very different in that way!  He was exceptionally focused and knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Now at the young age of 24 he is the Co-owner of his very own company. I, on the other [...]

Four places to Eat, Pray, Love (beyond Italy, Bali and India)

There are so many special places on this planet, and I've been fortunate enough to discover many of them. Like every other "basic" girl from the states, I watched Eat, Pray, Love years ago (saw it twice in theaters) and was even more inspired to travel than I already had been.  It's hard not to constantly refer back to that story when I am reminded so often by people that I [...]

"How I healed my broken heart in Finland" by Dr. Tarryn Bannister

Looking back now, with the doctorate under my belt and currently enjoying a peaceful relationship, I can see that my 2014 heart break turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am more decisive now and I know what “I” want. Prior to us ending the relationship, I had grappled with indecision as to whether I could trust my own intuition. For years I [...]

"F*%#ing Perfect"

I recently had a near lifelong friend tell me something I can't shake. You ever have one of those conversations that lingers for days and weeks after they happen?  We'd had a few cocktails and all kinds of truths were coming out. The good, the bad and the ugly.  I relished in all of it, the raw honesty. But she shocked me when she said, "You're so damn perfect all the [...]

I fell in love abroad, now what?

Throughout my life, despite many a long-term relationship, the word "solo" was part of my identity- I tend to walk some crazy paths others wouldn't dare...alone.  And I've liked it that way, for the most part.  I knew from a young age I was meant to be a strong independent woman and would do the things necessary to become the best version of that.  This "Independent Solo Woman" identity was solidified [...]

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11 Surprisingly Funny Things about South Africa

It may go without saying, but, I will point it out anyway:  Living in another country is VERY different from visiting.   I have been living in Cape Town, South Africa, on and off, for almost a year now and I still experience culture shock almost everyday.  The difference is, now it is every day life, not just a few days or weeks. At first, little idiosyncrasies are charming, inconveniences are [...]

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Part 1: American Wino in Africa (and five South African wineries not to miss)

I'll admit it, I have "wino" in my blood, and sometimes it shows- particularly during my time in South Africa. Myself, my boyfriend and my cousin (who came all the way from Louisiana to visit!) all enjoying our  4th- maybe 5th, who knows!- glass of wine under the South African sun.  Life is good in Cape Town! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good [...]

Weekends away on the Western Cape (and how to satisfy a grounded traveler) 

I have to admit...after traveling around the world the past year and a half, constantly being on the go and experiencing newness, I have found myself addicted to the thrill of moving around.  It's a high unlike any other that brings on a special type of bliss.  Travel is- among a million other things- addicting. After staying so long in one country I find myself pining to see/do/experience more. Often, I've missed [...]

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Review: The Backpack CT

As soon as I got off the plane in Cape Town, I got that feeling again...butterflies!  In my head there was music playing, people smiling and I knew...I just knew right away. "I'm really going to like this place." I traveled over 24 hours to get to Cape Town from Bangkok.  Three trains, a bus and three taxis with four flights in total and I finally made it.  Irritable and exhasuted, I [...]

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