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“You don’t have to go abroad to experience travel” by Toni Elston

I have been unable to travel the world as I would like to yet, but I can still say, without a doubt, traveling has been my saving grace. Growing up, most of the traveling I did was with my mom to whatever base she was living on- my mom was in the military but I wasn’t with her all the time. I think that’s where my love for travel and exploring comes from. Being able to get away from the everyday mundane activities that Alabama offered was a dream come true.  Just a 30-minute trip away or [...]

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Why (and how) I started blogging

Two years ago I embarked on two different journeys that would take me to strange corners of the Earth, and my mind. One started with a backpack and a one-way ticket to Spain, but you've heard plenty about that. The other journey started with me opening my laptop one day in Portugal. Both were equally terrifying. Both have drastically changed my life. I started this "blogging thing" with little to no [...]

I've been to 33 Countries in the last 2.5 years, here are my favorites (so far)..

Outside of the question "Aren't you scared traveling all alone?!"  (No, but I was at first.  You toughen up pretty quick out there in the world!)  The next most frequent question I'm asked is: "What's your favorite country?  You must have one, right?!" I feel like I disappoint people, more often than not, when I respond with "I can NOT pick just one!  That's impossible."   I've never been one to [...]

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Life Update (and my BIG plan for Fall) 

This week marks the two year anniversary of the day I left the states on a one-way ticket to freedom. It feels surreal to be celebrating this day two whole years later, when I swear it was just yesterday.  Time is elusive isn't it?! Einstein said that time and space are an illusion. Perhaps this is an example in my life that connects me to that truth. Time flew by faster [...]

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10 Mistakes I Made Abroad

Traveling has so many twists, turns, ups and downs, it can be hard to keep up.  There are often unforeseen issues that arise and can totally ruin your day- if you let it.  The trick?  ALWAYS keep a notebook (and your sense of humor) on hand. Personally, I've slipped up MANY times along the way, learning and taking lots of notes as I've gone along.  Amidst any given travel f**k up, [...]

The Pros & Cons of Solo Travel

The difference between traveling solo versus with other people is complex, to say the least. If you talk to a traveling pair about their experiences, it will be in stark contrast to the conversation you'd have with a solo traveler even if they followed the same travel plan and itinerary.  (I may be biased, but I'd almost always prefer to hear the stories of a solo traveler.) The experiences are completely [...]

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Prague: 4 Days in a Fairytale

Known as "The City of a Hundred Spires" and the capital of Bohemia-  Prague, Czech Republic is packed with personality and charm.  Prague not only pleasantly surprised me, it shocked me at times and made me realize how underrated it is.  When I was planning my backpacking tour across Europe, EVERYONE told me to go to Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.  Hardly anyone told me to go to Prague, except for my [...]

My Week Long Romance with Budapest

When I told my Mom I was planning a visit to Budapest, Hungary this month, I'm pretty sure she was equally as excited as I was.  To date, I would be one of the only family members to visit the country my mother's side of the family comes from- something I am quite proud of.  It was very cool to go see the countries my ancestors traveled from before landing in [...]

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The Goodbye Girl

Saying goodbye has never been something I was good at.  Yes, it’s hard for everyone.  I know.  But...dare I say it?  I may just take goodbyes harder than the next person.  I dread them.  I have nightmares about them.  I hate them and feel their pain before they even happen. Perhaps it's my abandonment "Daddy issues"...or just my issues in general.  What I've always known is that if I could [...]

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Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner 

After a rough first few days back in Europe, I can't begin to explain the solace that came when I walked into this Vienna hostel.  I was greeted with a welcome card, a bottle of wine and endless smiles.  They literally turned my entire trip around! I'm always rattling off about how important the staff is to the customer experience at any hotel or hostel.  There's nothing worse than a hostel [...]

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