Going GLOBAL 2.0: Two Cali girls take on South America without itinerary

Dear Diary,

It’s happening again…it’s “the night before” 2.0 and I’m getting anxious.

It’s been over two years since I flew from San Francisco on a my first international one-way ticket (Madrid, Spain was my first destination) and I’m about to do it again.  After a few months spent home in California with family and friends, I’ve decided to get back out on the road.

Packing my life away again!
Tomorrow, I’ll use a one-way ticket and fly to Lima, Peru with my best girlfriend Tyguenne.  No longer a “Solo Female Traveler,” I’m going to be traipsing around with my BFF, wing woman and Soul Sista from Another Mista.  And here’s the clincher…we’re doing this without an itinerary.

We are, quite literally, going to wing it and go where the wind takes us.  My mom has always said I’ve had a tendency to “fly by the seat of my pants,” and I guess this is another perfect example of me and my spontaneous spirit.

We are going to be strategically carefree, watching out for each other while we roam and wander.  

All we know so far is Lima is stop #1 and then onto Cusco.  From there…well, stay tuned.

If anyone thought my solo travel tales were interesting, imagine me X 2 and amplified- that’s what happens when I’m with Tyguenne.  With the intensity that comes from traveling abroad and traveling with a partner full time, life on the road is about to seriously interesting.

This trip feels like a brand new, yet familiar, experience. I’m a seasoned traveler and blogger now, so the fear I felt leaving two years ago no longer exists. Instead, I feel anxious and full of excitement. Without knowing much about my destination, I know well what is going to transpire.  ADVENTURE…and surely a lot of excellent writing material.

I’m grateful to be getting back out there, and I’m even more grateful to have a partner this time to hold my hand and share the “Oh look at that!” moments.

Watch out world.  We’re comin’ for you!

Oh, and Peru…I’m sorry, in advance, for our shenanigans.  We’re just two crazy and curious California girls trying to see the world.


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