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My Instagram Boyfriend (and how we made $200 in a few seconds)

Let me tell you a little story of two beautiful days and the two lessons they taught me this month. My boyfriend Rob and I attempted to get up to the West Coast National Park for weeks, and for one reason or another we had to keep putting it off.  Bad weather one day, low…… Continue reading My Instagram Boyfriend (and how we made $200 in a few seconds)

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My Internal Battle with Social Media

“Social media took my blog to the next level and connected me with over 16,000 people across 130 countries. That’s no small feat to shrug off…. Pictures and social media help paint a more detailed overall picture of an experience than is beyond words.”

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Fitness & Travel: Can they coexist?

My relationship with fitness is a codependent one that needs consistent love and attention- and if I let it go by the wayside, it will quickly drag me down.  While this “relationship” is important to me, let’s face it…I have a more passionate affair with travel- and sometimes the two get in the way of each…… Continue reading Fitness & Travel: Can they coexist?

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The Pros & Cons of Solo Travel

The difference between traveling solo versus with other people is complex, to say the least. If you talk to a traveling pair about their experiences, it will be in stark contrast to the conversation you’d have with a solo traveler even if they followed the same travel plan and itinerary.  (I may be biased, but…… Continue reading The Pros & Cons of Solo Travel

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Prague: 4 Days in a Fairytale

Known as “The City of a Hundred Spires” and the capital of Bohemia-  Prague, Czech Republic is packed with personality and charm.  Prague not only pleasantly surprised me, it shocked me at times and made me realize how underrated it is.  When I was planning my backpacking tour across Europe, EVERYONE told me to go…… Continue reading Prague: 4 Days in a Fairytale

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One Year Anniversary

I did it! It has officially been one year since I first left the states to embark on this crazy, insane, around-the-world adventure.  To say it is unbelievable that this year has come to an end would be a vast understatement.  It is unfathomable that time can go this fast.  I can’t quite wrap my brain…… Continue reading One Year Anniversary

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Vienna: One Beautiful Week

After two months in Cape Town, I left to finish my travel goals for the year by visiting 4-5 more countries in Europe (It will be a year since I left home on August 14).  I felt it was important to get back out there and onto my original plan.  I found a very happy…… Continue reading Vienna: One Beautiful Week