Prague: 4 Days in a Fairytale

Known as “The City of a Hundred Spires” and the capital of Bohemia-  Prague, Czech Republic is packed with personality and charm.  Prague not only pleasantly surprised me, it shocked me at times and made me realize how underrated it is.  When I was planning my backpacking tour across Europe, EVERYONE told me to go to Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.  Hardly anyone told me to … Continue reading Prague: 4 Days in a Fairytale


One Year Anniversary

I did it! It has officially been one year since I first left the states to embark on this crazy, insane, around-the-world adventure.  To say it is unbelievable that this year has come to an end would be a vast understatement.  It is unfathomable that time can go this fast.  I can’t quite wrap my brain around it.  It feels like I just finished a long, … Continue reading One Year Anniversary


My Week Long Romance with Budapest

When I told my Mom I was planning a visit to Budapest, Hungary this month, I’m pretty sure she was equally as excited as I was.  To date, I would be one of the only family members to visit the country my mother’s side of the family comes from- something I am quite proud of.  It was very cool to go see the countries my … Continue reading My Week Long Romance with Budapest


24 Hours in Bratislava 

The standard “backpacker route” may or may not include a stop over in Bratislava, but I’m so glad I decided to squeeze it in. When I first arrived at the train station I could feel the stark contrast from the busy city of Vienna I had spent the previous week in.  Bratislava was almost wearily quiet (apparently a nearby festival had lured most locals away … Continue reading 24 Hours in Bratislava 


The Goodbye Girl

Saying goodbye has never been something I was good at.  Yes, it’s hard for everyone.  I know.  But…dare I say it?  I may just take goodbyes harder than the next person.  I dread them.  I have nightmares about them.  I hate them and feel their pain before they even happen. Perhaps it’s my abandonment issues…my “Daddy issues”…or just my issues in general.  What I’ve always … Continue reading The Goodbye Girl


Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner 

After a rough first few days back in Europe, I can’t begin to explain the solace that came when I walked into this Vienna hostel.  I was greeted with a welcome card, a bottle of wine and endless smiles.  They literally turned my entire trip around! I’m always rattling off about how important the staff is to the customer experience at any hotel or hostel. … Continue reading Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner