I stayed at Los Patios Boutique Hostal in Medellín, and now I’m ruined (in the best way).

When I first walked into Los Patios my immediate thought was “Oh my gosh, they have swings!” followed by “Oh my gosh, look at that cute little bar with pink neon lights!” The moments kept coming as we checked in and were then given a full tour of the 5 story boutique hostal/hotel.

Before I’d even slept one night here I knew this would be my new favorite hostal, and that I’d be ruined for all others.


Staff. Every member of the Los Patios team that I came in contact with was friendly, smiling and ready to help with anything and everything. They also all spoke perfect English, making it way too easy for me to avoid my Spanish practice and get accurate directions. 😂

Workspace. With numerous patios, a rooftop with bean bags and hammocks, a classroom, playroom and full living room downstairs, there was plenty of spaces to choose from when it was time for me to be productive. I was able to find peaceful, quiet and comfortable space to get my work done, which can be nearly impossible in a hostel. This showed me that Daniel, one of the owners, really meant it when he said they’d like to cater to Digital Nomads like me. You truly can enjoy Medellín AND get your digital work done while you stay here.

< strong>Unlimited Coffee.All morning, afternoon and night. You’ve all heard me “on one” about the coffee thing before, and I’m happy to report that I was thoroughly taken care of on the caffeine front. Thank you Los Patios staff for refilling your coffee more than usual while I stayed. 💁🏼

The rooftop.See for yourself. The views were amazing and you can see it all from a hammock, a beanbag or lounge chairs. YES. Just yes. Another bonus? They have a full garden that you can pick fresh greens from to use in the kitchen! Hello mint water and coriander for our dinner. 😋Privacy.Each room may have a few beds (ours had 8) but every bed came with its own curtain, giving you privacy and pod-type of room. Every “pod” even had two outlets to charge your phone, a personal fan and shelf. The fan is CLUTCH in the Medellín humidity, let me tell you.

Kitchen, dining and living room space for days. They even had the tables decorated for the holidays already. And I loved the colorful artwork throughout the room. Themed floors.Each floor had a different theme that represented the biodiversity of Medellin, and Colombia as a whole- mountains, jungle, sea, plains. “Colombians are very proud people,” said Daniel (one of the owners). They wanted to remind guests of the natural beauty surrounding the hustle and bustle that is Medellin, and they absolutely did.

So….I was right. Los Patios has ruined me for other hostels/hostals, but that’s more than okay with me. I’m grateful to have stayed here and to be able to recommend it to other travelers passing through Medellín. When I head back to Colombia (and surely I will), I’m definitely staying here again. Get the coffee ready for me guys, I’m coming back!

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2 thoughts on “I stayed at Los Patios Boutique Hostal in Medellín, and now I’m ruined (in the best way).

  1. Wow, looks amazing! I’m gonna stay here for 4 weeks (including Christmas and NYE), but after reading this blog post I’m confident it’ll be the perfect place. How were the working places? And any other Digital Nomads around? It would be nice to be able to connect with some other DN’s and travellers when I’m staying there.

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