Finding my Zen in the madness of Medellin

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Finding my Zen in the madness of Medellin

We spent 10 full days in Medellin, Colombia- and I’ve got to admit (especially after so much chill time in Peru) the raging energy of the city could feel exhausting at times. Many people are constantly partying, cars are driven by crazies behind the wheel, and the city seemingly never sleeps (for tourists at least).

Medellin is one beautiful, crazy city!

I had a totally different experience than most other tourists with this city. I’m not much of a partied anymore so I looked to experience all the other things that Medellin had to offer, and I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bit.
I found myself spending most of my time looking out over the city views with coffee in hand and my laptop nearby. I walked miles around the city and took note of all the natural greenery and flowers surrounding me. It really was beautiful.
When I did go out and about, I was so exhausted by the end of it that I knew I needed to recharge. I’m not 21 anymore, after all. So, what’s a girl from California to do in this predicament? Find the nearest yoga studio! 💁🏼‍♀️
Flying Tree Yoga was my place.
Yoga is one thing I know I can always go to that will keep me centered on the road, especially after long travel days. After the hectic journey to Medellin, I was thrilled to find Flying Tree, a zen paradise in the midst of the wild city-it was exactly what I needed!
When searching them I noticed they are the only bilingual studio on the area teaching in English. As much as I am trying to practice my Spanish, I am not quite ready for an entire yoga class in another language (yet)!
The studio is new, officially opening their doors in January 2017. Right when I walked into the studio I could feel the sense of community, and that’s really comforting when you’re a long term traveler like me.
The front door was actually a garage door that opened up to the street, and when you walk in there’s a couch with smiling faces waiting to greet you. I felt instantly welcomed and at ease. Flying Tree offers yoga classes, internships, massage, reiki, and workshops. The yoga classes are offered at all levels (thank goodness because I’m out of practice a bit), and I really appreciated the above and beyond personalized experience.
A woman named Elodie was my teacher, and she was a total bad ass (she even rides a motorbike). Before class began she asked each student individually any injuries they had as was sure to offer personal modifications for everyone in need. As someone with a neck injury myself (damn you Big Red, my notorious Backpck from year one on the road), I really appreciated this extra attention from a teacher.
She tailored class to fit the needs of the students by asking where we were needed to stretch and which body parts we wanted to work. She was also hands on and corrected me as needed. The class was the perfect mix of stretching and endurance and I definitely felt cared for on a personal level-which was refreshing. It’s interesting to experience all the different styles of yoga around the world. Elodie was from France, teaching in Colombia, speaking perfect English and teaching in a way that suited everyone. Obviously, I loved it. Flying Tree has a 4 week/200 hour teacher training internships onsite as well. There is accommodation attached to the studio offering a cozy and convenient environment. It got me thinking about possibly joining this type of program. I could totally live somewhere like here for 4 weeks, and adding “yoga teacher” to my repertoire would be a game changer.
I loved how this studio had a monthly calendar was action packed with various activities, like tea and brownie night, dance meditation, and painting night.Flying Tree community had everything necessary in one place to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. I just wished we made it over to the studio sooner. We only made it to one class but felt so much better after a a week already spent in the madness that is Medellin.
If you’re headed to Medellin, be sure to schedule time to practice yoga at Flying Tree. Life is all about balance, and they helped me find mine.
Ps. If any of you are yoga teachers, I’d love to know where you got your certifications! Please let me know in the comments.

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