5 Top Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia…the country full of bliss and all things beautiful.  I  recently spent one full month (the max amount of time for a visiting U.S. citizen) and was already planning my next trip before leaving at the end of the month.  I went to Indonesia with a plan to spend all of my time in Bali basking in the sunlight doing yoga by the garden at one of Bali’s gorgeous hotels (Ubud, specifically).  After meeting locals and discussing my plans, I was quickly convinced that I needed to explore the country more…and I was so glad I did.

I highly recommend you prioritize your trip when planning to visit this country. Are you wanting beach time? Or the best surf? Excitement of a city? Or maybe you’re looking for a deeply spiritual and cultured experience in a quiet place. There are so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, like I did.

There are many hot spot destinations throughout Indonesia, some you may have heard of, some maybe not.  Personally, I had never heard of places like “Uluwatu” before my arrival in Indonesia the first week…and now that I have, I can’t help but share of course.

Below are my list of the top 5 hotspot destinations in Indonesia where I visited, including a few hotel recommendations.

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1. Legian, South Coast, Bali

For our first three nights we stayed in the Legian area on the southern coast of Bali.  We were surprised by the liveliness!  The Legian/Seminyak/Kuta area are packed full of shopping, bars, restaurants and clubs.  Walking around at night felt reminiscent of nights out in Vegas!

I highly recommend staying somewhere in Legian versus Kuta or Seminyak as it is a bit quieter and you will be able to rest better away from the loud streets in the busier areas.  Try booking a room at the Fontana Hotel Bali (very nice/new rooms and affordable pricing).


* Link for hotel recommendation here.  

2. Ubud, Bali

Heard of it?  Probably.  Ubud is not only the “heart of Bali,” it’s become part of mine.  This was probably my favorite place in the country.  Never will you meet more beautiful and kind locals while surrounded in such lush scenery.  Ubud is truly stunning and a must-see-to-believe place.

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3. Uluwatu, Bali 

Known for it’s perfect waves and water temples, Uluwatu was a pleasant and GORGEOUS surprise.  There is not another beach quite like the Padang Padang Beach.  This part of Bali has a very upscale “resort” vibe on one hand but then a very chilled and laid back surfer area on the other- something I found interesting and rare.  IMG_5715

4. Gili Islands, Indonesia

Words can not express my appreciation for these islands, but I will give it a go.  Picture this: white sand beaches and fresh fruit stands everywhere.  Perfect weather and quality accommodation.  Cocktails and live music.  Hard rest and hard play.  Delicious food and awesome locals.  Need I say more?

5.  Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Okay so this one is actually on my TO-DO list.  I haven’t made it yet, but I am VERY anxious to go!  Sumatra is the biggest island in Indonesia and seems to offer absolutely everything you could possibly want on an island.  Beautiful lengthy beaches, mountains to climb and exotic animals… I am SO in!  Next time, Indonesia, next time…