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Lost and Found at Sea- My Experience with Viking Ocean Cruises

Sorry for the overused, hashtag-ery title but it's more than fitting for this post and, try as I may, there's no better way to describe the theme of these past two weeks.  I embarked on a true journey when I got on board the Viking Star and not just one about travel.  It turned out to be two very pivotal weeks in my life that were shared with people that will [...]

Memories from a new life chapter

Any of you use Facebook?  Yeah, me too.  Who doesn't? You know those “Facebook Memories” that pop up daily and remind you just how far up or down you’ve gone from wherever you were a year, two, or three ago?  Yeah, me too.    Being that I already look backwards or forwards too often, these memory “reminders" on Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship.  Any memories before two years ago, [...]

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Longtime (Home)Coming

You can always go home...but it will cost you. $1,100 (to be exact) and 25 hours of flight time across three continents and, easy!  Just like that, I was back home in the states.  No matter the cost, it was so worth it. Landing at the San Francisco airport after a year and four months of being totally, completely, GONE, felt so surreal.  I was watching a movie of the previous [...]

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One Year Anniversary

I did it! It has officially been one year since I first left the states to embark on this crazy, insane, around-the-world adventure.  To say it is unbelievable that this year has come to an end would be a vast understatement.  It is unfathomable that time can go this fast.  I can't quite wrap my brain around it.  It feels like I just finished a long, beautiful, crazy marathon.  Crossed the finish [...]

Solo Travel: A Crash Course on Life

I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again: traveling (alone) is the best education a girl can get. Period. I ask myself repeatedly what the purpose of all my years in school were...particularly those last, very expensive, four at university. Traveling has taught me more in eight months than I ever learned in my twenty-three years of schooling. It was a crash course experience, for which I dove [...]

The Pillow 

For over six months I've traveled along 14 countries, met countless people, experienced more things than I can list, grown more than I thought possible, and I've taken only a backpack... And my pillow. I've gotten more shit over this "frivolous" item than anything else from people- especially pro backpackers.  "Are you kidding me with that thing?" They'll say with a majorly judgy face.  "What else did you bring?  A snuggy? [...]

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Taxi Cab Confessions

As I roam around meeting people I feel like a sponge- soaking in every little piece of wisdom and inspiration.  Every person I meet is interesting in some way.  Even the ones I have not been particularly fond of... are interesting.  The guy working at the front desk, the woman on the train, the guy sitting next to you at the airport gate, the taxi driver, the flight attendant and the [...]

A Letter to Europe

My Dearest Europe, I came to you with a broken heart and a tortured soul. I had lost faith in myself, the rest of the world and the will to live.  My being was beyond bruised and damaged from years of self-neglect.  It was all so wrong.  When I decided to run to you, I did not know the extent to which you would affect me. I was a lost little [...]

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Disconnected Reconnect

"I had my phone stolen in Barcelona.”  I have become the one millionth person to utter these words.  How cliche.  I knew better, I really did, but that didn’t stop me from running around the El Gothic district drinking too much wine and setting my phone down places I shouldn’t have.  Nope, the warnings never much did it for me.  I have always had to learn things the hard way.  My [...]

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"Brave New Girl"

Barcelona  ❤️  August 27th, 2015 "You brave young lady!" the woman at my hostel says to me over sangria. "That must be very scary for you." She's genuinely impressed and concerned alike, and I'm charmed by her caring demeanor. Apparently I am a fragile looking thing to the outside world. But that's not how I feel inside. Inside I feel strong, like nothing could ruin this journey for me, and I [...]