Review: PeruHop Tour Company

When planning a trip to Peru one of the first things you’ll probably ask yourself is “How on Earth am I going to get around to all those locations without breaking the bank?!”  That was my first thought, anyway.  With so many spread out destinations in one country you need to really think about transportation strategically.  Flying everywhere is not really a cost effective (or fun) option.  There are many bus and tour companies all over Peru that are more than willing to take your money in exchange for transport.  I’m glad I gave my business to PeruHop (and not just for their cutesy name).

PeruHop was one of the most organized bus companies I have ever come into contact with abroad or back home.  With over thirty countries under my belt you can imagine how many buses I’ve had to take and this company really won me over, so I’ve got to share them with you guys.

My friend and I decided to do the route from Lima to Cusco to La Paz, Bolivia which is apparently their most popular route.  This package runs $228 and has multiple stops which you can schedule yourself.

So far we have stopped at these destinations.







A few highlights from the experience…

Hostel Pickup and Drop-off

Comfortable reclining seats


Meeting other travelers

Unique stops along the way (ie. a pisco vineyard!)

Easy, user-friendly website where you can book, change or cancel your bus schedule

Professional (and FUN) guides

This is Lelvin, our guide en route to Cusco, and we LOVED him!


If I were to come back to Peru I would use PeruHop all over again.  

Thank you for such a fantastic experience hopping around Peru everyone at PeruHop!